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Nick W's DT build

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Hey guys. Been long overdue to put my build thread here. I have my thread on the UK garrison page for my armourer to give advise and ultimately my clearance but thought I would also post my progress here as well to both help others hopefully and get advice.

So although I have some bits for specialist, I think I will aim for standard clearance 1st and then to do specialist build afterwards.

So far my build is:

ARMOUR :- Printing and being finished by armoryshop.

HELMET :- I have a finished resin helmet on order from Armoryshop, although I have decided to wait for his MK3 helmet as a recent pic I saw of someone elses lid and armour made the helmet look really big. Would prob be ok for a bigger guy but I am skinny and just under 6ft so think the proportions will be off. Spoke to Denis who advised his mk3 is going to be smaller so should wait for that. My other alternative is an Anovos. Their bucket is smaller which would probbably suit my small head but I swore never to buy from them again L

UNDERSUIT :- Ordrered through Jim Tripon. Currently shipping.

BOOTS :- I managed to find the Jereds eventually on Ebay after a very long search. I normally take a size 9UK, and these are a UK10 but with the uplifters I plan on wearing I think it is good they are a size up. DSC_1017_zps6cznmjnz.jpg

Uplifters put me up over 1.5†but will take some getting used to. DSC_1012_zpsluk7dxxn.jpg

GLOVES :- Have gone for the endor finders. I stalled for ages but eventually caved. Very glad I did. They are awesome. The first pair I received had a small tear in the palm but they resolved it asap with a replacement pair.

They are very comfy. Also avoided customs charge which was nice J

BELT :- Commisioned with Mark Tootell.

E11D BLASTER :- I have bought a 3D printed kit from Roman Bela. He is local to me so i picked it up directly from him. I have started to sand some bits, although his print is really good and doesnt need a lot. I have been following some advise of another Nick on here who bought the same from Roman. DSC_0006_zps1w8cou6v.jpg

Got a set of vinyl decals from Christopher Sullo, who had them made from Tom Campbells shared file. DSC_0003_zpsnzk3htfa.jpg

Torch is ready to be fitted also. It is the airsoft versionDSC_1022_zpsks327yph.jpg

SIDEARM :- Also from Roman. DSC_0005_zpsvjxmwi32.jpg

I have done the sanding and glueing together. Just paint and weathering to do.

DSC_0009_zps3oqw9jl0.jpg DSC_0008_zpseq38ihfu.jpg

SOUNDSYSTEM :- Originally was hoping to get my TRamp system modified with DT sounds. Paul at Tramp has been doing some work on this. However one of the things I have wanted from the beginning of my build has been to be able to trigger DT voice samples when i wanted. Another member of a facebook DT build group shared and alternative the other day from Imperial Light and Sound. Its a guy based in Jersey who offers Speaker pre-loaded with sound samples that can be triggered by a small switch that can run inside your glove. His price was very reasonable so I bought one and am really happy with it. DSC_0007_zps1bjllwcy.jpg

As far as specialist build goes, I have the following:

CHEST RIG :- Condor rig bought in desert/tan colour and dyed. Will need work on the straps etc. For screen accuracy.


I have also the accurate open face buckles for this. DSC_1014_zpsbdx7z4xi.jpg

MAGAZINES :- I found the real steel ones available in the UK for £5 each. Its great I have the accurate ones but they weigh a lot altogether in the chest rig. Not sure how well it will work as a lot of the weight hangs off the chest plate... DSC_1027_zpsz0zzlxx5.jpg

GRENADES :- Printed by Roman Bela. Just need sticking together.


PAULDRON :- Will be bought from imperial supply depot I expect.

MP40 AMMO POUCH :- Wilkl be bought from ISD also.


Thats it I think for now (phew). Any comments/questions welcome. Feel like this build is running my life sometimes. Its all I think about and boy is it expensive J Gona be selling some of my vintage toy collection to fund the build as the price of that stuff has spiked recently.

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Niiiiiccckkk! Great to see the start of your kit sir!!! Definitely looking forward to seeing it come together. Good stuff sir!


Nick scofield



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  • 3 months later...

So I am way overdue updating my build but what with being so involved in building and image hosting problems I never seem to have time...




Armour: I received my armour from Armoryshop. Due to a lack of communication I didn't confirm the finished armour so I missed the slot for that. A lot of work to be done to get this finished. I am working my way through steadily. Sanding, sanding and more...sanding! Resin and fibreglass matting for strength.

36365337986_a156c0bf4a_z.jpgDSC_0321 by Nick Wooderson, on Flickr

35575204474_317710dc6e_z.jpgDSC_0328 by Nick Wooderson, on Flickr

36365337016_da084093a8_b.jpgDSC_0324 by Nick Wooderson, on Flickr


Strapping is getting there nicely. Mostly snaps

36365336256_05250a680c_b.jpgDSC_0327 by Nick Wooderson, on Flickr

35575205264_3b0fba75c7_b.jpgDSC_0326 by Nick Wooderson, on Flickr

36242346752_d64c24516c_b.jpgDSC_0323 by Nick Wooderson, on Flickr

One of my thighs was broken in transit (Denis sends armour in single walled cardboard box L) and there have been other areas to repair.

35575202864_44d8b7e6f1_b.jpgDSC_0335 by Nick Wooderson, on Flickr

Chest fell off my workbench and snapped so I had to glue and reinforce. Butt plate was pretty delicate and split in a couple of places so i have repaired.

36242346752_d64c24516c_b.jpgDSC_0323 by Nick Wooderson, on Flickr

HELMET: I decided against the armoryshop lid. The mk2 is just way to big for me and no sign of mk3 so I scored an anovos on ebay. Added a printed spectra sensor designed and shared by TDK props. it is perfect

36013912590_8df39016bd_b.jpgDSC_0283 by Nick Wooderson, on Flickr

36365343716_b4b13008a5_b.jpgDSC_0284 by Nick Wooderson, on Flickr


Held on by magnets. Took some courage slicing into the lining inside the lid but worked out great

Undersuit: Arrived from Jim


Boots: Jereds and uplifters all good.

Gloves: Endor finders.

E11d and SE14 : built and away for weathering at moment


Belt: Mark Tootell is just finishing mine up. He is going through a lot of personal stuff at the moment so is not offering these but is really close to finishing mine so is helping me out.


I originally planned on doing specialist later but after talking with a mate who is a wiz at 3d printing, and speaking to Tom Campbell I bought a new printer and files from TDK props. I maybe should have done this in the first place and saved money by printing armour and blasters all myself but cant change that now. This way I will have the files should i need to reprint anything.

So with that in mind I have made progress with specialist bits:

DLT19x : - Fully printed and mostly assembled. This thing is beautiful.

All credit to TDK. The files are great. I just need to paint and weather. I am also looking at putting a display in the scope as it is so big. Not canon obviously. Just for fun. Will be off for official canon troops

36365434766_84be476572_k.jpgDSC_0295 by Nick Wooderson, on Flickr

35575312924_c6b80c5712_k.jpgDSC_0294 by Nick Wooderson, on Flickr


Ammo mags: Fully printed and painted from files. Weigh a fraction of the real steel ones

36013908480_a25ed4150b_b.jpgDSC_0309 by Nick Wooderson, on Flickr


Chest Rig: I originally got the desert coloured condor rig. I have dyed it twice but still not happy with it. I just got some rustoleum fabric spray to try next. I have printed the plates for it and primed ready for paint

36365338816_7789cf406f_b.jpgDSC_0316 by Nick Wooderson, on Flickr


Pauldron: Ordered and being made by imperial supply depot.

Ammo pouch: Waiting for imperial supply depot to do a run of these. I asked him to do the accurate type with the square tops and black stitches. I also pointed out if he did a run of them there was quite a few people wanting them J


Thats almost up to date. Will try and post this and see if the links to pics all worked.

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Nick! This is looking sick mate. You're doing a fantastic job with the unfinished armour. I am currently doing the same :)


is the back plate kinda messed up at the top near the shoulders? Mine requires a lot of work to get it smooth

Thx mate. Not shown in these pics but I have now found some spray putty that I am using after resin which is helping.

Yes, the top of the back piece is a real mess. It seems pretty consistent with others who have a print from denis. Must just be how his printer does this section. I have filled that bit yet but you are right it is going to take a lot of work. I am toying with reprinting it myself as I know my printer can do a better job of that part although I won't be able to print it in one piece.



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Ok. That's good to know that it's not just me! Yeah spray putty is awesome. It's funny how some of the parts are printed very nicely and others seem a bit rushed.


I'm still happy with the overall kit and was quite prepared for all the work. Just the back piece seemed a bit odd

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Yea I am the same. The top of the back and the shoulder bells need the most work. Much just be how they print. If the print was slowed down or set with a lower layer height this would prob have been a lot better but I guess Denis has to balance speed with quality etc. Bit of filling / sanding to do 🙄



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That spectra sensor on the anovos bucket looks perfect. How are the magnets holding? Feel pretty confident you wouldn't lose it on a troop?

It's Gona be 50/50 to be honest. It won't fall of on its own I think. I can hold the helmet in my hands and shake it violently around and the sensor stays in place perfectly. However if it is knocked by a member of the public or a fellow trooper I am not so sure.

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  • 2 weeks later...

An bit of an update while I wait for spray putty to dry. I have reprinted my chest piece. It was clear to me from the first opening on the bbb that the chest denis printed me was way to big. I have tried to work with it but it was unsavable. It covered the ab details completely. So I have resized and done it myself as I wasn't paying twice for something that wasn't right first time. Got it just right I think. Had to print in 3 pieces and glue together. Got lots of filling and sanding to do8c44148a32484469c5670ca57991e864.jpg

I stuck plasticard on the joints at the back, and gave it a coat of fibreglass matting and resin6962214b55aa1c0cebc2b02d7edfa245.jpg


Mp40 pouches arrived today. Have been strung along for months by another supplier saying they will make me screen accurate DT pouch but have finally been let down by them so I went with these. Will colour the stitches black. Have also found a free print file for mp40 mags to fill them out50b108c9a5a6a19e54557d70988fcd62.jpg will be selling the extra pouch for what I paid. Will make the pouch £20 then.


Belt kit arrived so got that to sort out589a7170784ccf7add4c249cbf8213c1.jpg


Oh and cos my printer would be standing idle I have been printing the helmet from tom Campbell's files. This is where I am so far. 0c85661fba792d3b4a915177f5609461.jpg3e8eb2c5cd458ccef4f441da2a839bbb.jpg


Also decided to start printing an E11d from toms files. I already have a Roman Bela print but my plan is to build toms blaster and assemble it with lights and sounds. So far I have this


Like everything in toms files this goes together beautifully and I can wait to take my time with this and get it spot on


My dlt19x unfortunately needed some modification as I printed it with the flashlight attatchment when I shouldn't have so I had to carefully prise that piece off, fill it and add a long t-track. It is away for paint and weathering at moment.


Chest rig is finally looking like the colour I want. I dyed it twice and still could see the desert colour so after a finding the rustoleum fabric paint another DT builder recommended I gave it a spray sight that and its looking better. Need to get all the straps done40ba7fc61a75242043955a9bed5620b5.jpg


Fairly happy with buckles and arm rockets finish. Just painted with Tamiya gloss aluminium and then smeared with boot polish. 702c586f90649eff8a7df18d03de8f41.jpg


Will do more update with armour finish when it's daylight



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Lots of filler putty. A lot of sanding. A long old way still to go 🤔



Looks good in pics but loads of little spots and edges to put a layer of p38 (bondo), then more sanding and spray putty



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Last bit to print of helmet is the main part but need a new reel of filament first6c74a51a31883314904c42fe2478fe99.jpg


Printed 3x MP40 mags to fill out pouch. Could have packed with foam I suppose but what the hell 🤔ðŸ˜38ea26d9529998ce601cd3318446036b.jpg



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Had a suit up today ( as it is my birthday) to see how the new sized chest piece is. I also have rescaled and sized the collar parts as the ones denis did were way to big and made the chest and back sit to far apart from each other. I am real happy with how it sits now. I am having issues with the shoulder bells and biceps rotating but I will work these things out dcf2a98fa19212482e619eb6372efbde.jpg

Need to get the undersuit to a tailor also for fine adjustments. To much left over material in the back and the neck and also the two ribbed bits that come over the shoulders need securing with some Velcro or a snap




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Pouches coloured in with black sharpie c497140ee71953dcf5752344ed3adbdf.jpg

Helmet finished fully printing. Done as a side project for now, to tinker with when I get sick of sanding armour. A nervous 70 hour print but got there. Top needs some work sanding/filling where the main support was







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