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Shadow Scout Helmet question

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Hey there everyone! I've been looking around the forum for a bit but I haven't been able to find any 360 degree shots of the Shadow Scout helmet. I've been doing as much as I can helping him getting things done online and he's already got a good grip of how things work and he's got himself approved with a Shadow Guard. My general question is the decals of the helmet or pretty much the areas where the regular scout's got decals and areas such as the chest rectangle and the snout.


I read the CRL and said such areas needed to be a different shade of black to create contrast but pictures will definitely do some great justice to this confusion! I've already built 3 regular scouts so the armor building isn't itself the problem... it's the darker side of the dark side of the empire that's got me quite confused (and definitely inclined on purchasing one in a near future :tie: ).


Any help will be very much appreciated!

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Howdy Juan, good to see you here. Yes the Shadow Scout has very similar details that closely resemble the classic Biker Scout. For me, I did my helmet with black matte decals to go with the gloss finish on the helmet. I also did the snout in matte black to contrast. Others go with the gray decals, but I think it distracts from the overall look of the scout. Check out my build thread for some pics.



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