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Mark's R1 Death Trooper build

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Right. So I was originally going to do a Shadow Trooper, however I have made a change of plans and have started the process of building the DT. Because it's too awesome not to do!


This is my first ever build so will be trial by fire!


Base Requirements:

Helmet: Anovos : received

Undersuit: ArmoryShop : received

Armour: ArmoryShop : received

Boots: Imperial Boots : received

Gloves: Imperial Boots : received

Belt: Tom gave me the belt material :)

Belt Buckle: Phoenix Props : received

Ammo Pouches: self build

Balaclava: local purchase

Leather Pouch: self build

Leather holster : self build



E-11D : Tom : received

SE-14r : Tom : received

Generic.22 Scope : received

Grenades: Tom : ordered

HK Ammo boxes: Tom : ordered

Torch for the E-11D





Specialist level requirements:

MP40 Ammo Pouch: eBay : self build

Pauldron: Ginger Burke

Chest Rig: Gryffon Defense CR4 Low Profile Chest Rig: received

32mm belt material


Other kit:

Helmet Fans: Henry Ford : received

Sound: TrooperTalk

Buckles: for chest rig : received

Ejection Seat buckles: eBay

Aluminium Wrist Rockets: vmusicstore on eBay aka Field Marshall?

Aluminium V-ring buckles: Steve Sévigny



Tamiya weathering kits C&D : received

Tamiya TS-40 Metallic black paint for highlights

Tamiya TS-17 Gloss Aluminium

Rustoleum matte black : bunnings

Rustoleum High gloss black and primer: will pick up



Zap-a-gap medium viscosity CA glue

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You've got a great list there, Mark! Definitely looking forward to seeing it all come together! Yeah, it's expensive , to put it lightly, lol! But worth it once it all comes to fruition.



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MP40 Ammo pouch arrived. Have made stitching all black. I used a black Sharpie on the stitching, then black shoe polish to remove the Sharpie stains from the leather.


Anovos Helmet is on its way as of 2 days ago.


Will be going to a tailor over the next week to get full body measurements for both the undersuit and armour.


Have been researching the leather pouch and blaster strap and am considering making these myself.

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I just noticed that the MP40 Pouch I bought off eBay is not screen accurate. So I will be making some changes as highlighted in the pic below:


Square flaps highlighted blue.

Stitching highlighted yellow.

Oblong shaped tabs circled in green



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This looks awesome, I'm currently working on my own DT build but I still haven't decided where to buy the armor, also looking at the armoryshop stuff, plz post pics when u get them



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Hey Chuck. I plan on posting a full build of this kit as I have yet to see one. Dennis is a great chap to deal with. He is very busy too!

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I have been doing a little bit of work on the audio. I have what I think is effectively the effects chain. I just need to figure out how to get that into a live situation. I do have some pre-recorded chatter I voice acted from the film. I'll keep working on it. Are there any other sound engineers here?

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Steve from Imperial Light and Magic has been working on a few models. This one uses one of his Kylo Ren voice changers and an aker amp to create real time interactive scrambled voice sounds. I guess you could practice making the garbled sounds.


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Ok so a small big update.


I went to visit our CRL model Tom yesterday to pick up the 3D printed SE-14r and E-11D parts to begin the blaster builds. He also gave me some belt material and allowed me to take some measurements of the leather pouch and SE-14r strap which I will be making by hand. Thanks Tom, you're legend in my eyes and I hope to be able to help others as much as you have helped me!


Here are some pics


Belt material:



3D printed blaster parts:



I have ordered all the screws etc and will be adding the flashlight and possibly the real scope for the SE-14r


I have all the paints and will be going down to the Auto shop this arvo to grab some bog/filler/putty to smooth some of the 3D printing.


I will also visit a couple of places to get the canvas for the 3 pouches today if I have time.


All of these items should keep me busy for the next couple of months while I wait for armour and undersuit.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Progress update: Leather leather leather!


Warning I am a first timer with leather!


So I went to Leffler Leather last Friday on my day off to spend $$$ on leather and leather crafting tools. I picked up some leather, hole punch, dye, conditioner, rivets, snaps, and various tools to begin the works.


I had to create a woodblock mould for one of the belt pouches. Was a fairly simple exercise except I got my measurements wrong the first time. However. I progressed with my second mould and with a little love and attention I got my first pouch.


First you thoroughly soak the leather in water and then basically stretch and mould to the block. You need to trim excess gathering and it's a bit random but it works. Once you have the leather shaped you clamp it or tack it. I chose clamping.


Then it's just wait for it to dry.


I also had a crack at the speed strap for the SE-14r. Testing out skills...




Last night I cut out the back/front flap and tried my hand at dyeing the leather:




I have plenty of leather left over so will continue making these until I have none left. If they're good enough I will sell some to recoup costs :)


I happy to post more detailed pics of the build later if anyone is interested.

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Nice job Mark! What did you use for your pattern and dimensions? I'm going to take a go at making the pouch and speed strap. Mahalo!

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Here's my leather pouch. I glued the two pieces together and finished it using the Matte acrylic finisher. All I need now is the matte black snaps that are on the way and to think of a clever way to mount this to my belt. I've started a second one. Will see how it goes but I am documenting the whole process. Will post here or start a new thread if that's the better thing to do?




Also here is my SE-14r so far. Have removed all the print lines, filled, sanded, liquid putty spray and then sanding.


I have started to assemble it where I can. I am also waiting on a real scope that I bought for 8 bucks from AliExpress!






I also started on the E-11D as well but forgot to take pics while it was all still out. Next time!


I have a delivery waiting for me at work as well. My chest rig and buckles have arrived, also waiting on a million other things too.

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I updated my list. I have received a generic.22 scope for my SE-14r blaster. I got my pauldron today as well. I got the rest of the weathering kits and my matte black snaps for the leather work.


Last week forgot to provide an update about receiving my chest rigs, which I need to dye black so I picked up some dye and a sewing machine from Spotlight. Yep. I bought a sewing machine!

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