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Build Your Own Cummerbund (With Pictures)

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I was asked several times how to do the cummerbunds I´m wearing myselfe and which I made for several biker scouts as well.

It´s with "anti-camel-toe", with detachabel COD-piece and fulfilling all reqirements for specialist (no visible edge stichings, etc.)







sewing skills are needet for this.


You need following tools:

- sewing machine

- tracing paper

- measuring tape

- scissors

- pins

- pencil and paper for notes

- cutter knife

- hair blower

- pincer

- lighter


You need following items:

- black twill or similar fabric

- black sewing thread (take a little thicker thread as usual to give the top stitching more visability)


- "fun" foam

- padding

- elastics 50mm width

- velcro hook and loop 50mm width


how to measure:

1. around your chest (above the waist)


2. around your hips (ca. 8cm below the waist)



The final bund should look like this. It´s attachable to the flak vest via velcro hook/loop. Ignore my thinn waist. th Bund is held in position when attached to the flak vest. My waist then will not be visible









I´m starting with the COD piece.


You need a pattern. The Measurements are inc. 1cm seam allowance. I made good experiences with this shape for guys and gals.




also a pattern for the PHOREX piece (hard bottom piece) as well as for the "fun" foam. these 2 patterns don´t need seam allowance. curve the corners of the PHOREX plate.





the phorex plate needs to be cut with the cutter knife, take a pincer for help.



after cutting the phorex, the edges need to be "broken" so they are not too sharp




after that you need the hair blower. give the piece a horizontal soft bend on the lower part and a vertical little bend at the top. the fun foam can be cut with the scissors.



...to be continued

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the fabric for the COD piece needs to be cut 2x

the underlayer (body side) is 0,5cm smaller on each side, as the upper layer (attack side). Top and bottom are the same



sew both sides together. Top and bottom remain open

I always overlock all open seam lines additionally. but you dont have to.



pin the bottom and stitch it down, since the body side is smaller the seam is laying inside hidden later when wearing



turn the COD piece around, rub out all corners, iron it if possible. the bottom will look like this



put in the "fun" foam towards the attack side. the seam allowance towards the body side



pin the top to avoid the foam moving out again when sewing the elastic to the COD piece



cut the elastic, burn the cutting edges to avoiid threading out at the cut edges



stitch on the elastic 2 times



turn the elastic down and stitch it down one more time



put in the shaped PHOREX plate towards the attack side



put it in position



close edge stitch along the curve side of the plate. don´t stitch on the plate, it´s not sewable. take care you don´t stitch pleats or wrinkles on the fabric.



stitch a 2nd time



bend the uper corners in, pin them and stitch them down



iron it.

the velcro hook at the too and the elastic to attach at the back will be attached after the fitting

the side seams are hidden, nice and clean.





....to be continued

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Is there a way I can get this tutorial from you? If you could send anything you have for the soft part build it would be helpful for a build. Thank you.


maybe, head over and have a look on the pathfinders detachment for all the scout tuts/pdf's/patterns and more ... same stuff just in white ;)

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Reading through the tutorial I see you are using Phorex. I googled it and cannot come up with the same item here in the US but by using a hair dryer to form it it appears to be sintra , a foamed PVC sheet which holds its shape once formed.    Scraps can be had at sign making shops. 

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2 hours ago, Blackwatch said:

Reading through the tutorial I see you are using Phorex. I googled it and cannot come up with the same item here in the US but by using a hair dryer to form it it appears to be sintra , a foamed PVC sheet which holds its shape once formed.    Scraps can be had at sign making shops. 

Yeah it's Forex rigid PVC foam board https://www.display.3acomposites.com/forex.html

I ended up using a thick piece of ABS instead which I heated and moulded to form.

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