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Imperial Army Engineer CRL (Archived)

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Required Costume Components

The following costume components are present and appear as described below.



For 501st approval:

  • Open face helmet whose base consists of a dome with rim and helmet skirt.
  • The helmet skirt is to be smooth all around with no indentations on the rear.
  • No telemetry unit is present on this helmet.
  • The helmet is to be painted in black with a flat or satin finish.
  • A black trim is covering the edge of the helmet skirt and forehead of the dome.
  • Black chin strap and chin cup
  • Imperial code disks are positioned on both sides of the helmet skirt.


For 501st approval:

  • Goggles should have a square-like black frame with angled sides and dark lenses.

Black Imperial Flight Suit

For 501st approval:

  • One piece black coverall / jumpsuit / flight suit with a front invisible zipper and mandarin collar.
  • Each shoulder has a patch as noted below.
  • 2 large chest pockets and 2 large front pockets below the belt without any zipper.
  • Rank bars of any kind are not permitted.
  • There are no leg pockets below the knees.

For level 2 certification (if applicable)

  • Mandarin collar is closed by a chevron shaped strap across the neck.
  • A single black snap is present near the chevron point. Snap does not need to be functional.

Imperial Army Patch

For 501st approval:

  • A shield shaped patch.
  • The patch has an Imperial cog symbol approximately 2.75 to 3 inches in diameter.
  • The background of the patch has a more narrow shield shaped design on top of a box colored a darker shade of green.

For level two certification (if applicable):

  • An olive green rocker patch is above the Imperial Army patch with either a unit name or motto.

Black Gauntlet Gloves

For 501st approval:

  • Black, leather or leather-like, enclosed fingered, non-textured fitted gauntlet style.
  • No buckles, straps, or decorative stitching.
  • Three straight lines, on the back of the hand, are option.

For level two certification (if applicable):

  • Gloves are made of leather.

For level three certification (if applicable):

  • Gauntlets slightly flair-out, upward from the wrist to the mid-forearm.

Web Harness

For 501st approval:

  • Black colored, double strap “H†harness which travels from the lower back, and up over the shoulder.
  • The harness system attaches to the belt.
  • Harness is made of 2 inch black nylon webbing.


For 501st approval:

  • Belt is a nylon military style quick release web belt.
  • Belt is black in color.
  • Belt is grommeted with eyelets along its length.

Belt Pouches

For 501st approval:

  • Belt pouches are black in color and should be made of nylon or similar material.
  • MA47 double handcuff MOLLE PALS belt pouches should be on either side of the belt buckle where the harness meets the belt.
  • A tactical triple magazine PALS belt pouch should be on the rear of the belt where the left harness strap meets the belt.
  • Any additional black MOLLE style pouches are encouraged to fill out the belt, but are not required.


For 501st approval:

  • Calf high black leather or leather like material.
  • “Jackboot†style
  • Free of laces, decorative stitching, buckles on the instep or any other embellishments.
  • Boots may have a single adjustment strap at the top outside of the boot, with the buckle no wider than 1".
    • This need not be functional.

    [*]Hobnails may be present on the front of the jackboots.

    [*]Zippers on the inside of the boot are acceptable, so long as they are concealed.

    • If the zipper is not covered by vinyl/ leather, it is painted black.

For level two certification (if applicable):

  • Boots are made of leather.

For level three certification (if applicable):

  • Original German jack boots (or “Knobelbechersâ€) or an authentic replication thereof.
  • Boots have the top adjustment strap.


Imperial Army Pioneer Configuration

For 501st approval:

  • Worn: Hat, Flightsuit + Patch, or Patch & Rocket Patch combination, Harness, Belt, Belt Pouches, Boots, Black non-gauntlet gloves
  • Not worn: Helmet + Goggles, Gauntlet Gloves.


Optional Accessories

Items below are optional costume accessories. These items are not required for approval, but if present appear as described below.


Hat, Black

For 501st approval:

  • Fabric is a medium weight suiting material of black color.
  • Base of the hat is conical, with a crown about 4" (101.6 mm) tall.
  • Front and rear “flaps†overlap on the sides and are about 4" (101.6 mm) high.
  • Front bill extends 3" down, decorated with (5) (6) or (7) concentric stitches.
  • Imperial Code Disk positioned in the center of the front vertical “flap.â€

For level two certification (if applicable):

  • Code Disk has a notch detail on the outermost disk.


Black Gloves

For 501st approval:

  • Black gloves made of leather / Kevlar or similar material.

For level 2 certification (if applicable)

  • No buckles, straps, etc.
  • May have three stitched lines on the back of the hand.


  • E-11
  • DLT-19
  • DLT-20a
  • DLT-21

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ill be watching with great interest!


will the standard black flightsuit as seen in the photos be permittd, even at "base" level approval (not Lvl 2 or 3) or will any suit used be requied to have only those four pockets, ad none of the arm pockets?

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Looking through it again, i would like to propose a minor addition to the pioneer verbage . Having been both a GML and Costume Judge and written a bunch of CRLs and Standards, I think this would ward off some issues in future as this moves forward.


Currently reads:


Imperial Army Pioneer Configuration

For 501st approval:

  • Worn: Hat, Flightsuit + Patch, Harness, Belt, Belt Pouches, Boots, Black non-gauntlet gloves


My proposal:


Imperial Army Pioneer Configuration

For 501st approval:

  • Worn: Hat, Flightsuit + Patch , or Patch and Tab combination, Harness, Belt, Belt Pouches, Boots, Black non-gauntlet gloves



Maintains Level 2 consistency between both verisons of the uniform with the same flight suit.



Lets face it, some GMLs are very by the book , or in this case CRL. By going Detachment Level 2 on the coverall for the Engineer with helmet (shown in the original art ) it can and likely will be argued by some GMLs that the tab would not be permitted on the Pioneer version when the photos are submitted to the GML for review. The inclusion of the tab as an option at the outset of the Pioneer allows a person to get that up and running first, while waiting on the more expensive helmet, which some people will not opt for. Most of us old timers have at least two black Officer hats, and with SewingJenny, WampaWear , RunyaJadje and other makers available at the time, the Pioneer is a quicker starting point.


The caveat to this is if the art never depicts the soft cap NCOs/ Officers with tabs, which I would realistically find hard to understand from a real world experience perspective of having to earn those tabs early in their career.

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I've been maintaining several Imgur albums with the reference photos. Here's the most recent one: https://imgur.com/a/DQdhF


We also took into considering descriptions in the Star Wars Role Playing game from West End Games, but our primary source material for this CRL was the comics by Dark Horse Comics.


I have Crooked Knight making the backpack for the Sapper configuration you see in the last panels in that album.

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Cool. I transferred that album to the spec ops boards for easy reference. Awesome work by the way!


One thing I've noticed is that with the Black uniforms, it's either a soft cap with the H-harness. Or they have the Helmet, H-Harness and backpack.

However, I can't seem to find a reference for a trooper in black that's just the Helmet and H-harness alone, like there are with the green army troopers. Am I overlooking some panels?

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Question, a couple of the comics pics shows the engineer's have what look like MP-40 3 cell pouches n their belts also. Would this be acceptable, like the canvas versions? My belt and pouches are done, I'm just curious.

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