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TFU Shadow Trooper build!

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Hey all. I figured I'd throw up this thread to document this project I'll be working on. I don't yet have armor in hand, but I'm narrowing down where I'm going to be sourcing that. I will be needing some transparent parts and I know for sure that WTF has formed some clear helmets this past December (which look pretty damn cool). Just waiting for an update on their clear plastic shipment.




For the rest of the suit I'm leaning towards Scootch for his HIPS CAP-W kit, which I've had an easier time getting paint to stick to in my past experiences.


(Edited post to remove Black Series bucket)



While I wait to hear back from armor makers about kits, I'll get this helmet finished up and fitted with LED strips. I was thinking about trying this one out: https://www.amazon.c...la-314779905744


It's USB powered, so I could probably hook it up to some smartphone battery banks and have them velcro'd to the insides of my helmet and armor. Looking forward to updating this thread with progress!

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That LED lighting is a great find. Clear armor for the shoulder bells, forearms, and the other pieces that require edge lighting is a great idea as well. I'm going to follow this as I like the infrequent costumes of Spec Ops and may try to make one of these next year. Good luck and keep this updated. Mahalo!

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Payment sent to WTF for transparent armor parts! He will be pulling my shoulder bells, forearms, and shins next week. All I will have to do is mask and paint. No cutting out all those little boxes on the forearms to get the blue light shining through.

It also looks like I will be using a heavily discounted Rubies suit from a member in my garrison for the rest of the parts. I've always wanted one of these kits to tinker with. Not having to fit u-trim around all the parts will be a huge plus.


Exciting times are ahead!

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Nice build! Glad to see someone else going after this trooper, here's a picture to motivate you. :) I've got a few things to fix on mine, namely new clear parts, they're pretty brittle and have fallen apart on me unfortunately...




Let me know if you need help at all!




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My armor came in!



It may look old, yellow, and ugly right now - but that will change once I drill out all those rivets, and give the whole kit a good trim and some coats of paint. The forearms, shoulder bells, and shins are going to be swapped out for WTF parts. Only things left to source are the silver canvas belt, square rivet covers for the belt, LED light strips, and a new TD panel and end caps for the clear acrylic tube.

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Mike, I may be able to mail you some hopefully thin scrap ABS if you can't find any. Since you are painting it all either way it may not matter on it. :thumbsup:


Thanks very much for that offer, but I can use the plastic belt that came with the suit. :yes: I should be able to melt it down into a slurry with some acetone and fill in these rivet holes.

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  • 2 weeks later...

No significant updates or pictures, but I decided to scrap my idea of using a Black Series helmet and instead just paid someone for an RS Props helmet. It's gonna be painful cutting those tube stripes out on such a nice piece, but I figure I ought to have a top-of-the-line bucket since that's what people are going to look at first.


I don't think the Rubies armor is as bad as people make it out to be. I've taken everything apart and put it back together after re-sizing, and it looks like what a Stormtrooper should look like. It's going to look killer once painted and lit up, and matched with an RS helmet, some WTF parts, and a new canvas belt. :yes:

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You can always get Walt (I think?) to pull you a clear helmet and just paint it and leave the lit areas masked off.

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You can always get Walt (I think?) to pull you a clear helmet and just paint it and leave the lit areas masked off.
I thought about it, but I figured I'd leave the novelty of having a clear helmet for someone else. Cutting out the tube stripes on my RS will allow for more ventilation anyway.


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  • 2 weeks later...

I haven't had much time to work on this armor, but I'm doing little things here and there. Still waiting for my transparent parts so I can prep and paint everything in one go.


I extended the ridge on the abdomen plate using a thick slurry of ABS plastic I melted with acetone. I was able to roughly shape it, and once dry, drilled a hole for a Tandy snap to act as the fifth button. I used more ABS slurry to blend the head of the snap with the extended ridge. Once fully dried and hardened, I'll be able to sand everything to a smooth and uniform surface.




Flipped the center ab button panel to the correct orientation. I still need to smooth down the edges with some more melted plastic and acetone, followed by a good sanding.




My silver belt from TKittell also came in a couple days ago and should work nicely for this costume. I also have the full Hovi tip audio setup w/ iComm on its way from Ukswrath so I'll be able to sound like an actual Stormtrooper when I'm out trooping with this :)

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My RS Props helmet arrived today. I already started cutting out the tube stripes with a Dremel cutting bit, and cleaning up with needle files and an x-acto knife.




And Ukswrath's Hovi mic audio system!




For when the clear parts arrive, I thought I would try using some colored window film to help diffuse the light of the LEDs. When I wear this costume in broad daylight, spectators will still be able to see a shade of blue behind the plastic when the lights don't appear as bright. This website I found gives out up to 5 free samples, which should be enough for what I need them for.



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Hooray for progress. I decided to try and emulate the paint chips on all the Force Unleashed troopers (the Shadow has all the same chips in the same spots as all the other troopers). Just need to finish painting the tears and traps and do an acrylic blackwash to really make the paint chips pop. It would also be cool if I could source some blue bubble lenses...






Just wadded up a coil of LEDs under the bucket for fun. Mounting it all will come later.





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Rubies armor after mods.





- Drilled out all rivets

- Filled in holes with ABS paste

- Removed velcro from biceps and thighs

- Glued both halves of biceps and thighs after trimming

- Trimmed down length of plastic shoulder straps

- Flipped center ab button panel and added a fifth button to the row of buttons on the right side of the abdomen armor

- Removed sniper knee plate from shin. Will attach to WTF shin later

- Removed and re-installed thigh ammo strip in correct position (Rubies installs this upside-down)

- Marked insides of armor for placement of snap plates

- Shoulder bells, forearms, and shins will be replaced with WTF parts formed in transparent plastic.

- Thermal detonator to be replaced with ATA parts and clear pipe (pending payment)


Still need to sand a few rough edges and give the whole kit a good wetsand before I paint it all silver. I have pretty much everything except the TD parts and a few more LED strips.

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Worked on strapping the torso plates. The Rubies armor fits like a glove now. Please excuse the crappy old cell phone pics... this is what I have to work with until my S7 gets repaired!




Also excuse the paintjob on the bucket. I will be totally re-doing that.



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Helmet is 90% done. Tried to match the weathering on the video game trooper with paint chips and acrylic black wash. I'll be doing this for the rest of the armor, referring to hi-res images of the game models to figure out exactly where to put all the chips and battle damage. All the bucket needs now is some clear coat, and lenses + LEDs installed.











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Had some (relatively) warm temperatures up here in Maine so I could take some of this plastic outside for spray paint. The chest, back, abdomen, kidney/butt, and belt are all pretty much done pending clear coat. Here are some awkward pictures of me in half a costume to show off the paint job. There's a minor issue with fit, but I can fix that by adjusting the straps connecting the back to the kidney. I'm hoping to bring that armor up high enough so that the transition from silver to grey will be covered up by the canvas belt.












I've pretty much come to a standstill with this trooper until more stuff arrives. My LED strips are set to be here sometime before the 2nd week of April, and my WTF parts will be here goodness knows when. Crossing my fingers it gets here next week, because I'm already seeing other people get their clear plastic orders.

In the meantime, I'm taking my Black Series helmet and converting it to one of those hybrid clone/TK Kashyyyk Stormtroopers you see in the opening mission of TFU. I'll throw up a pic when it gets to a good point.

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