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Bell's Imperial Trooper Build

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I have loved this costume ever since reading the comic and have even tried to make the sapper one once before but gave up.


This costume getting it's own CRL has spurred me onto staring again and getting it done.

I'm going to be going for the green trooper build.


I've gathered together a few bits and bobs and have a bunch of things on order.

Things i have:

The coveralls arrived this morning, will need to modify them. More on them later.

Boots. Got a pair of genuine german boots that i use for my X-wing and crewman costumes.

Blaster. I have a rather nice ROTJ e-11 that will do nicely.


Things on order.


Pouches. I have two on order and once they have arrived and i can see what they look like on the belt i will get more or try different pouches. Judging the size for them has driven me half mad.

Webbing. To make the H harness.

Goggles. Bought a pair of them off ebay last night.



Helmet. In contact with Walt about a helmet kit.

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For my Coveralls i have gone for a British Army olive green coverall.

I am going to send them down to a seamstress i know for modifications.


Comments would be great guys.


So far my list of mods include:

Transfer on pocket over from the donor pair to the main pair for the second leg pocket.

Add two chest pockets

Remove waist strip and valcro

Add mandarin collar

Remove shoulder tabs

Remove pen pocket


Not sure about the position of the leg pockets but i think they look about right





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Well no sooner did i post this thread than the belt, webbing and pouches arrive.


Pouches on belt, not there final position but just to show for sizing. Might need to dye them a little to get a better colour match





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You took the words right out of my mouth. I did the same when Olivier posted his images of the grey uniformed sapper with backpack.

Ill get my WIP posted ASAP. My poucges and such sill be a few more days.


Great to see you are off to a quick start!

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