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Draven's Pioneer build

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So I have started building a pioneer costume. I have the belt, hat and boots already from my Tie reserve, and umbrella corporation costumes.

I have the pouches and gloves on order, and they should be here this week. Patches have been ordered from WTF as well. All I need is webbing for the harness, I have a harness I can take the hooks off of, and another flight suit.


I did see in one thread that the basic cosplaysky and wampawear flight suits may be approvable? Would I have to do any modifications or just as is? Obviously have to change the patches.



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i just made commentary on the propoosed CRL. The CRL only describes the four pockets, and the images that will be approved will bear that out.


We will need to wait and see about approving the eight pocket variant. Definitely talk to your GML since he or she will be making the call based on the published CRL. I was pretty by the book , what I see in the CRL picture and what is in the CRL text when I was a GML.

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get a black coverall, take the back pockets off the back with a seam ripper,. and put them on the front. Look at the recommended USMC vintage green coverall for the Army trooper, it will be the same for the black.


Take a piece off the cuff at the bottom of the leg and make a collar extension.


I had to learn to sew out of necessity. I watched youtube videos and read sewing forums. Im a firm believer in actively gaining new skills.

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Update: My pouches and gloves are in, I just need to go pick them up. Also my patches are in. Now I just need to get some coveralls/flightsuit, and webbing to finish up.


I do have one more question. Will the tab patch be required? If so then I have to start looking for a source for that. If not then I am almost there.

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Another Update: As I was going through my airsoft/cosplay gear I found a harness that I forgot that I made a couple years ago. Which means I have my 2" webbing, belt and hooks. All I need to get now is a flight suit, and sew my patches on. Yay! Getting really close to having my second costume and I haven't even been approved for my first yet.

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