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Solo Movie: Rangetrooper

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Haven't found any discussion on this in the Search, so thought I'd start a thread to discuss the figure that came out today and gives us a lot of detail on this new trooper:


[EDIT] I have learned that this is being considered a Snowtrooper variant and is being discussed on the 501st boards.



Also, this speeder bike pilot seen in the trailer incorrectly had been called a range trooper by early speculation, but we now know it to be incorrect. Who knows what he'll be called.










Not sure how these relate to previous mentions of the Range Trooper (which made it into the trailer):





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Agreed but there wont be any CRL's written for any of these items until the movie comes out and if they are clearly going to be Spec Ops costumes but nothing wrong with posting about them and showing interest :)

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To me almost all the Troopers (especially the Range Trooper) in the Solo Movie look more like mercenaries or bountyhunters. It seems to me like people who build there armor out of imperial armor parts, not real imperial solidiers. The Trooper on the bike is different though. It seems to be some variant of a Scout. Just not with the typical "snout".

Maybe we will see clearer as soon as the movie comes out. So far I hope they most of them are not real imperial soldiers. They don't really fit into my picture of the shiny empire. :turned:

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