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Jumpsuit Question

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This is the same on the engineers & troopers. Going over the reference pics, it looks like the leg pockets are on the sides and are external cargo pockets vs flat pockets on the front as on TIE jumpsuits. So I guess how accurate are going for?


Side note, One of the engineers had a MP38/40 case like the TKs use, that could be added as an alternate belt item.

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Yep, these are items being reviewed by the CRL Team this weekend. The cargo pockets are in that list as well as reviewing types of pouches. Give us the weekend and we'll make an official statement on Monday.... However, the cargo pockets are so prominent in the panels, it's prey much safe to say they will be made a requirement.

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Follow up question, Does it even have to be a jumpsuit or just look like one? None of the pictures have them without a belt. You could take some tactical cargo pants, add a Dickies or tactical type shirt, tuck that shirt in and hide the belt area with the tactical belt. It is just like the Mandos do.

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Because the IA Units do not have a vest or anything to help give that it's a shirt, the official stance I will take is that it needs to be a one piece coveralls/jumpsuit style. It's too easy for a shirt to start blousing out and then it's obviously not a jumpsuit...


However, that is also a conversation to have with your GML. Thought we make strong suggestions, the GMLs and LMOs have final say.

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i converted coveralls, which I have been doing for almost a decade. I started with Autoworkwear/ Dickies coveralls and used parts of another set to make my collar and pockets, based on the USMC base coverall layout. The butt pockets could be used for the upper thigh pockets seen on the USMC coverall, or, if the leg pockets are added, for that. I have used those on my RMMC Work uniform and they are easy enough to add.


Making a set of leg pockets and the flap that goes over them would be no sweat and not even take a full afternoon to do. When I made mine I used the original collar cut in half folded and stitched for the flap that covers the chest pocket. My collar is made per my Legion Dets accepted flight suit tutorial, only adding the snap that none of the other black jumpstuits use. if anyone needs my collar mod template Ill be happy to Email it to you.




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