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CRL for a black army trooper ?

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This one would probably just fall under a normal imperial officer variant. It's an officer's tunic and Jodhpurs with the helmet. We are steering clear of that one currently as it would probably best fit with the Imperial Officer's Corps. After we have the IA units ironed out, we may look at that one if IOC doesn't want to spend time on it.



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Did some digging and found this: http://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:ID_imperial_officer_black_nco


Looks like this guy is most likely some sort of warrant officer, only in johdpur pants, wrist length gloves, and a helmet. I'm not sure there's a good shot of the front of the uniform, and without that it would be hard to develop it's own CRL.

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Yeah, t's loading for me now. We actually have that pic in the references thread, but it's only a shoulders up shot and the helmet is partially hidden by the dialogue. There's really not enough to go on there.

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Yeah, we've been aware of the shots of the back and the panel that shows from the shoulders up. We need a good shot of the front, which I don't believe was ever draw, in order to make this an official build.

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Yes i understand. Do you think that's possible to find somes draft copy to the penciler (davide Fabbri) ? Yes i'm a litlle bit crazy ;)

You're welcome to try. Not sure if a draft sketch would be accepted, but we can always ask if you find one.

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