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Thought I would post my WIP since Im making progress.


I may need more pouches. :)



WTF Helmet



Finishing the coverall




Basic harness






boot, blasters and gloves already have

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Sweet. You've already submitted to your GML then?


I've got a PM coming your way, we'll need to process it slightly differently to get the new CRL fully approved with your costume.



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Yeah I accidently confused the heck out of the GML when he saw the current standard I had linked for him. LOL I resent the correct pics to him today to match the current IAT.

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man that is quite the pouch layout!!


Ill get mine going one of these days, I need to get the C E finished up before I do that.


I cant wait to see your approval

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shane Ive been following along and I got a PM from your GML today asking if I had seen yours.

OF COURSE I have! Me and Tom go a ways back in the JRS so its all cool that he reached out to me.


You may want to slide that right side triglide down a bit.


Which suit did you go with? Id like to pick one of those up.

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Sweet. He told me he was looking at it a couple of weeks ago. I think I confused rhe Crap put of him sending the wrong pics first. I sent the SW:E pics but the link for the 'current crl.


I agree, I need to adjust it down. I want to do away with the rear tri-glides for the SW:E version but Im waiting to make any adjustments until I hear back on the 'original' IAT version.


The coverall is Elbeco Transcon jumpsuit

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Just took a look at the Transcon suit, from CDC. I remember those from when I lived by Avenal State Prison, most of the guards there wore the jumpsuit. would you say the sizes are true to size or do I need to order up?


Also did you trim some off the leg and use that for the mandarin collar and snap?

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Sizing is pretty spot on. You see how adult sized I am :)

ETA: I went with chest size not waist size. I wish I would have bought 2 when they were on clearance.

Yes we used the extra leg material.


Still no word on approval

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have you reached out to your GML in the last couple of days? He may be waiting on US to approve the CRL first.  Ive seen that happen before.

Also I am working with a maker in Star Garrrison to make green holsters for us.  Im going to snag one of yur pics and send to him so he can see what we are doing.  he will likely make the holster in the olive green we are calling for.  Ive already painted my harness and belt to match with the Montana Gold olive Gren so I will likely do the same with all my gear so it all matches.  Even if that paint wears on the corners...well...that's actually BETTER because of typical field wear!

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I hadn't wanted to bother him.  The CRL for the 'inaccurate ' trooper is already  approved . That's what I re-submitted because I sent the SW:E pics the first time. :)

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TX-87690 Reporting

Got approval for this IAT (Original) today. Taking my pictures for my Engineer and the SW:E IAT Wednesday. I'll start a specific thread for the Engineer and SW:E version when I get pics taken


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