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Imperial Army Engineer build :)

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Hi guys,



I do really love this costume and I would like to share with you my progress with it :)


First of all, I've already sewn the harness (need to add a little decoration between joints, sewn it the wrong side ><)





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you are on a good start. I just posted a tutorial on converting the collar. I have sent the Imperial Navy version of that conversion for flightsuits around the world a hundred times now and I love seeing people take a hand at converting their own suit.


Really glad to see another Engineer in the works. Please take a look at the Combat Engineer CRL proposal as well, we need input on it to move forward, and this is the base suit.

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Thanks guys!


I'm on it, I do have received almost all my pouches, last one to come is the big one, and got this holding system for my harness, safer and practical, tomorrow I'll cut and sew the pockets and awaiting for the cup, the glasses are temporary :)d2e05bde75e23b06ca184ef0dfa58ce8.jpga6d84fde70bef5cb1c0d520978201ac2.jpg


Enviado desde mi CLT-L29 mediante Tapatalk



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Goggles received! This suit looks like a mad scientist hahahahab06c679bcc5d9902fdca675ec91d8f77.jpg


Enviado desde mi CLT-L29 mediante Tapatalk


You were saying? IyYj8cz.jpg

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