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and in my spare time....

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....When I was not building the Army Engineer i built the worlds first Royal Manticoran Marine Corps M-21 Heavy Battle Armor affectionately known as "the Rougarou".


David Weber, who wrote the majority of the Honor Harrington Honorverse books, created the armor and wrote about its characteristics. The armor exists as a description in the Saginami Island Tactical Simulator Game. There is a single, small, line drawing in "House of Steel" which describes how the Manticoran government and its military works.


Mine is the first, and very likely the only costume to be built. A few people tried several years back but gave up because there are no plans, no downloads, no PDFs, no Pepakura, no STL files, no models, no 3 view elevations. I figured it all out on paper and mocked it in cardboard. It took me all of four months of working LONG nights, and it was a race to the finish. It has full lights and sounds onboard thanks to Evan Roth DZ 51009, when I pull the trigger the Tribarrel Gatling gun spins and I have a gatling gun sound effect from a 15W Aker.


I have to thank Evan Wayne TX 31519 and Evan Roth for their skill and expertise, and Ed Cook TI 5335 and Steven Rosenthal TR 11107 for literally being guinea pigs learning how to suit me up, and keep me from falling over (and handing out SO MANY business cards at MantiCon) when I went out in the Rougarou. Krista Dison DZ 81431 made our Rougarou Tactical Support Team shirts.



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