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My Imperial Army Trooper WIP

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i start my Imperial Army Trooper Project.



For the Overall i use a USMC Coverall:










The Pouches:








For the Harness i found this Webbing



Is the Color from this Webbing ok for the Harness?


The only Things i need now:


- Helmet

- Belt

- Harness

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pics on screen always look odd. I would suggest taking everything outside and photographing the belt, webbing and pooches together in one picture to see the contrast.


I painted all of my web gear with Dick Blick Montana Gold Olive Green paint that is recommended in the Supply list topic. I made mine from nylon webbing from Strapworks.com and three different parts of a pistol belt assembled to make one functional pistol belt. It looks like the art after I painted it all. The Dick Blick Montana Gold is an acrlylic so it does not react with the nylon.

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This looks like a good start the color flap tab should be pointed like the art shows. You can tuck it under and Stitch it. To me the color on everything else looks good. Adjust your built so that it sits lower and you might try moving the H harness back straps in one hole to get it to lay down on your shoulders. When you look at the backside of the trooper their harnesses are slanted. I had to rebuild my harness three times to get it right. Also you will want to remove the velcro patch tabs with a seam ripper or very sharp knife.  

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