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Im back online!

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Im finally back online after what has seemed like forever.  We flooded in 2016 and the last three weeks we have moved our house into our kitchen and dining area and living room. its a mess. I dont know where anything is. But tonight my room finished with new baseboards and I can start setting up my work room and office again.  now I will be back in here working and helping out.  I have a bit of reading to catch up on.  

No more busted concrete floors. yay! 

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thank you! we have been painting rooms, moving boxes and crates, moving furniture (we found the couch tonight, havent seen it in a month!!) .  Im sick of painting--the hallway is left and we are DONE painting.    The tile guy is a commercial tile guy and doing this after work now that he is back to three jobs a week.  This is all after hours stuff for him.   But its pro level work! 

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I have to apologize for being out so much. I was notified Friday my company is shutting down and selling off its aircraft and spares.  Today Skywest came in and talked to us, they will be taking over the building, (they own it and all the property) and we will all be able to apply for our jobs to start as new employees for Skywest.  Ive spent more than a bit of time fretting over a resume and cover letter (havent written one in almost twent years!) 

So, lets see what we can get done tonight. 

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