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Army Engineer-WIP

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I quite literally JUST discovered this kit exists.

I have an extra suit, even. I have the belt, gloves, even goggles. I can whip up the harness quickly.

I need to just sources patches (email sent) & pouches.



This is AWESOME!!



So ...

In 20 minutes:

2 patches ordered

4 MA47 pouches ordered

1 MOLLE gas mask bag ordered

This should be approvable in a week or 2 ...


I’m stripping cog patches off one of my Wampa TI flight suits (have 3), sewing the upper harness from 2” webbing material I got to make black flight harnesses (planned for a custom kit I never made), 

I have goggles from the eclipse, so done!

All I need are parts to arrive.

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Patches, all 4 pouches, & belt got here today.

The large pouch is the same as the CRL, but there is a lot taken off the front (can see the original lines in the CRL image). Is there an existung thread showing how it was done on the CRL example?


I’m still waiting on the RK suit.

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Its not, but at least Automotiveworkwear suits go on sale all the time and you can easily do the conversion. 

Heres my original build topic when I built the first suit. Page 2 has pocket photos of how I put them on.  This was my WIP as a FIL costume, so a lot of things changed while I was making it with both Det and LMO input.  

The big pouch on my back had velcro that I took off. I cant let good velcro go to waste on a pouch thats just getting stuffed with rags. I added two snaps to it. The other pouches had their little nylon loops cut off, added a black snap and stitched in them place.  Easy stuff. 

Things to keep in mind :

There are only four pockets, and they have flaps.  I used spare suit materiel to make a proper Imperial collar (ive converted many many many "flightsuits" for both Legions).  I used the original collar to make flaps for the chest pockets. 

The leg pockets sit rather low, and should be stuffed. Mine has foam and rags to stuff them. 

A snap is seen on the collar. this is not typical for the Imperial forces but seen in the art. 

On my green suit i used leg fabric to make a simple closure after folding the collar down on itself, and stitching it so it would stand up.  If you want to go whole hog with the collar, this is how I do it:


This is the same collar template I used in my Imperial and Rebel flight suit tutorials you will see scattered across the Legion Det forums.    Ignore the point in the back, thats from ESB. This is made from two pieces of fabric cut on a bias, topstitched together face to face (wrong side out) and then flipped right sides out, ironed all to hell and back ( I iron everything to death), and stitched all along the top and along the chevron closure tab.  ALSO, I plan ahead and sew soft side velcro on the tab before i sew them together.  You do not see where I added the velcro closure that way, its hidden on the inner collar face.  Leave plenty of fabric on the bottom when you cut the template out, and fold and iron this under. I stitch the inner face to the coverall neckline first, then stitch the outside down.  Its both sturdy and looks neatly finished. 



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