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Is there a coverall source that fits all the CRL bits? I can't seem to find coveralls that have both the cargo pockets on the thighs AND the Mandarin collar.
Is this something that you're all custom making or is there a brand I'm just not finding?


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Glad you found it. Shoot me your Email and Ill send you the template.

Also, the TAN officer with armor has a officer style collar, with no strap. 

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Any idea on how well those tan coveralls dye? I'm gonna need an olive drab one and I both Dickies and AutomotiveWorkwear don't appear to come in the olive drab.

I'll message you my email, I'd love to have the templates.

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they likely will not  For the olive drab, talk to your GML first about using miiltry surplus coveralls. Not flight suits but the old fashioned coveralls....that does not mean that 30 year old vintage coveralls will match in color to cut up and use..SO..I bout the CDC olive drab coveralls.  Very little modifiction needed! 

You can just see it at the neck, but what I did was take off the epaulets from the shoulders. These are Calif Dept of Corrections coveralls, and they have shoulder epualetes, and are very well made.  It takes a while, and a sharp knife, but get those off, and fold one under and stitch it to make it into the collar closure.  I put a snap on it through the original buttonhole. The pockets are already on the legs and chest.  Its more expensive, but most of the work is already done for you.  


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after you CAREFULLY take off the shoulder straps and CAREFULLY (DId I say carefully? ) put one of them on the collar for the tab, you are about done.  Money vs work on this coverall. 

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I bought the CDC coveralls and overall they’re pretty good. Do they shrink a bunch In the wash, the fit is a bit...big but the smaller size won’t do it for me.

Could you post some close ups of your collar?  The shoulder straps aren’t as wide as the collar and was wondering how you got the mandarin collar look with the normal collar and the shoulder strap. 

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i turned down the collar and stitched it.  I made it a hair taller in the back, not much, but the front edges match the size of the epuallette strap and I added a snap. 



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Here’s my go at the collar. This was my second attempt as the first was tool tall and not as cleanly done. Hopefully it will pass the GML when the time comes. 


It still needs the snap on the collar and the patches on the sleeves. Hopefully I get this and the harness assembled before I get my helmet which should arrive any day now...


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