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Bootstraps Del Meeko

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Hey everyone.. I finally am taking the plunge and starting my build. I have the Del Meeko kit coming from Head Shot and looking to get a quick start.


Is the flyye chest rig the only approved one or is there a flyye clone that is acceptable? Does anyone have the wampa wear suits and gloves?

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Im looking for someone thay can help me with this build.

Would this work for the chest rig?



Also does the overbelt attach to the leather officer belt?


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On 11/8/2018 at 11:14 PM, Bootstrap said:

Thats exactly what I did and in the mean tome happened to find a flyye chest rig for a good deal.

If I'm not wrong the flyye chest rig still needs few modifications to be approvable. I've read The WIP of Maxprime and he made a pretty awesome chest rig. 

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Well its been a few weeks.


Wampa Wear gloves and flightsuit arrived.

Boots ordered and delivered.. should be approvable

Flyye Tac vest came in, just need to modify it

Waiting on the rest to come in from Headshot props


Still need to get scout pouches done and order an officers belt

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Just got my kit from HeadShot, not too impressed. The over belt is not accurate.
I'd love to work together and share ideas/problems/solutions if you are up for it.
Sounds good.. Mine is due on monday.. Im not to impressed with communication from hsp.

What is not accurate about it?

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Yeah, the shape of the far left and right boxes are incorrect (although CRL approvable), Also the pieces to the left and right of the center are swapped (pre-mounted to the rubber). And there's also not enough room on the black rubber portion to add the required 8 rivets...


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Its been a little bit.. Here is my del meeko.. Its not approved yet and still missing some parts... Not thrilled with how the straps turned out... Anyone have other suggestions or a vendor that makes them?8c7acde832e269f22020fc984d7ce275.jpg

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its a bit out of focus, which straps arent you happy with? 
Sorry.. Dont know if this picture is any better

Basically the "ribbing" of the chest rig straps... My GMLs are stuck on the ribbing instead of layering0bfabeb32587a60ea7c63d4794c11f37.jpg

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Ah yea ribbing. The same kind of ribbing we can see on the current CRL main picture.

I don't know anyone making them and I don't know much about the ribbing technique but I know I've made mines with layering technique.. when you look at the 3d model the layering is quite obvious, even if it's difficult to make it indeed so.. You'll need patience and time to test several options I guess

Myself I need to upgrade this part, the glue I've used was quite bad actually, not torsion-proof at all making leather layers to peel off..
(Glue because obviously 0 sewing is visible -deal with it poor costume maker-)

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