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Holsters for IAT?

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since its covered i the CRL, I would imagine that for approval only the E11 holster will be accepted.   Your GML will have final call on uniform approval, but I dont know about Det level L2 approval. 

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So a bit of an update...the green painted vinyl holster is about to get scrapped.  After just two weeks the MG olive paint is sticky and the holster is a mess. It's coming off tonight. I'll make a new holster out if green vinyl. Or leather. Whichever I can find. 

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I made a E11 holster that will hold my DH17 since its the same thing without the magazine housing and different front end.  But i needto renake it in leather.  I used my other hoksters and copied that

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Resurrecting this old post...

Some of the IAT comic photos show the holster having a cover/flap. Opinions on that sort of holster or are we still on for the E11-style holster which is easily replicated and patterns are everywhere...

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I only see these 2 shots that indicate any type of holster (shots involving the officers would not be relevant)...but cant fully make out any details about them.




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