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MUDTROOPER Build by Wayne Laagewaard Diversity Props


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I did a new assembly on my new armour


So i thought lets fit what we sell since the major mud batch is coming in 2 weeks. I was really forgot how nice the softparts were made by my favorite tailor. Also Darrens gloves were awesome. The helmet has no padding...


The collar was really rigid and tweaking the collar will give you the ability to fit the armour combo (front,back) to your body.


Meanwhile we are preparing the bells and biceps for forming.

My biggest concern was to implement the collar and to get it nicely. But in the end that was not a big deal. So that gave me the confidence that the armour is good.


Tomorrow arms and legs....


And i just did a fotoshoot with little chewie.


So after forming 2mm ABS i started cutting and insering the resin parts.




Then I trimmed the front and added a resin block.



Then i inserted the collar



After sanding and filling it looked like this



Then the dress up



Fotoshoot with Chewie



My daughter painted my helmet






And a full



Tomorrow arms and legs..






Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk


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