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Helmet question

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For the most part they are the same, but here are the differences:

  • JRS Iden and JRS Gideon are missing this bullet point, but Spec Ops Del Meeko has:
    • Helmet is specific to Inferno Squad, but modeled after the Rogue One Tie Pilot Helmet.
  • JRS Iden and JRS Gideon says:
    • Helmet may be light to moderately weathered.
  • Spec Ops Del Meeko says:
    • Helmet may contain lightly done silver weather but it is not required.

The first bullet point difference is an interesting one but honestly, a side by side of all the CRLs on the helmets look the exact same. Obviously the 2nd and 3rd major bullet points above don't matter because the Del Meeko one says not required, so lightly would be good with the JRS ones, if any weathering.

I'd also double check with your GML on top of what you have here to make sure since they will be the one to ultimately view and make the determination.

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Every inferno helmets are supposed to be the exact same model, these tiny CRL differences between detachment is not something to worry about (different teams, different work..)
The weathering is indeed supposed to be very lightly done if it has some, In Game the weathering is somewhere between none and quite subtle

It makes sense for Inferno squad to get some light paint abrasion here and there but as they're supposed to do sneaky missions & a perfect clean job, they will definitely not have much visible scratches ?

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The weathering should be subtle and definitely not moderate to heavy. As for the differences between JRS and Spec Ops: our CRL will be updated to be the most accurate possible. We are not going to just copy paste from another detachment. That's how the CRL for Del Meeko got messed up in the first place. 

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