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Bozzy - Mudtrooper WIP


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Ok guys, first post.. be gentle..

I've been doing bits and bobs over in the mudtrooper builders FB group and decided i really need to put it on here.

It's a slow build as i have a young family and can't devote as much time as i'd like to getting it done.

This is where i'm up to at present

Helmet - Fletchasketch 3d print (was a misprint fixer upper) - hero style chin strap and resp mounting points fitted, correct tu torch fitted. skate helmet liner fitted.

Goggles - Fletchasketch resin cast with cast from screen large buckle

Resp - Fletchasketch with correct fancy buckle and yugo buckles and clips, real hex bolts used.

Tubes - 80cm medical hoses

Boots - German police wide calf motorcycle boots with side buckle ( still needs some stretching and longer strap fitting) - stupid big legs!

Gloves - Highlander Spec Ops

Blaster - Modified Sean Fields E10

Shins - Our own collab creation with Empire 3D

Leg & Shoulder Straps and buckles - Paul Prentice

Upper Belt - PhiloProps

Paint - Vauxhall Leaf green with Pantone 7540C streaked and misted over. 











Probably something i've missed but i'll update when i can.


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Wide calf boots.. last hole on the side strap .. I can get them on but can't get a half a finger down the sides let alone pants.


Damn my 18.5 inch calves.


Off to the cobblers. d442455d5551920377b44766e53c9009.jpg&key=082e7f313ebb881327819ba98a2d3905c020c31e6c384991972a12eb692adef5


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Excellent!  Glad to have this here.  Keep em coming!

At quick glance...possibly may look at the goggle trim n compare to references to see if it needs some trimming back.  Looking good!  Did u throw a little bungee wrap on that telemetry unit?

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Cool.  Going for Level 2?  We need a first lol
I think so far with what I've done I meet the req for lvl2 so I might as well go for it..

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2 hours ago, Bozzy said:

I think so far with what I've done I meet the req for lvl2 so I might as well go for it..

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Nice.  I think the holdup for most people has been the material for the tunic.

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Nice.  I think the holdup for most people has been the material for the tunic.
Yup I can't find olive grey at all in the UK.

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So i tried to emulate the idenden paint used to give that dusty look. A brown mixed emulsion (house paint for over the pond) heavily watered down and stippled on.


Plash arrived from Poland ... little annoyed it's not the exact one but it is leather



Dyeing went well and done in one day first go . 



Lewis White mentioned that they used black emulsion paint in spray bottles to simulate muddy rain and kick up from muddy explosions.

I've gone light on the resp but will go heavier on the front plate and lid



Next will be the complete building of the shins and strapping. 


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Far more accurate goggle strap buckles added







Note... DO NOT leave your 3d prints in your car on even Mildly hot days (this is PLA+)





Managed to salvage everything but the main shin bodies so i'll have to get more printed and start again . FML


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Bummer on the shins. I can't believe they cracked from heat! Did that occur along a layer line or a glued part joint? 

If you reprint them find someone with a large bed so that they can be printed laying down and use PETG to get a bit more heat resistance and flexibility. The shins are going to get a lot of stress being strapped to the boot and will always be prone to cracking along part or layer lines if they're printed standing up. If printing them laying down isn't an option you might consider getting a sheet of 2mm ABS or styrene, cutting it to shape, and gluing it to the back of the shins as extra reinforcement. I did this on my printed chest and back armor and it stiffens things up considerably.



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That sucks @Bozzy  I know the feeling.  Left my DLT-20a in the car for like 2 hrs (Florida) on accident.  Came out looking like a banana.

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