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Trying to make an outfit but i need help

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Hello everyone 

Im new here and im going to try to join the Nordic Garrison of the 501st legion and i would like to make an imperial army trooper outfit. But i live in Sweden so i have a hard time to find the proper overall and such, the only overall i can find here in sweden is one with the pockets on the front of the knees and i dont seem to find a good overall on ebay either. The overalls that i have seen seem to not have any pockets on the side, plus they cost so much in shipping (double the price of the overalls) and i dont know if the swedish harness that i own is acceptable because we dont use hooks on ours and we have kind of like a backplate on our. And lastly is there any good 3d printing file of a helmet somewhere? i have found general veers helmet but i suspect that you cant use that one. Im so sorry to bother all of you but i would appreciate all the help i could get because i would really want to join you guys in the 501st

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I have seen so many different kinds of army troopers when i look around on the internet so im so confused now. Is it okey to have black boots and gloves or is that an outdated kind of costume? it seems like it super hard to make the costume that they refrence in the costume libary, At least for me that live in scandinavia its nearly impossible to find those kind of boots and the gearing. How do you people get ahold of what is needed?

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Hi,the CRL specifies green gloves with either black or green boots,though the green ones are better and more accurate. Usually if someone in our patrol can't get someting we ask each other to buy it for us or we hang out together and make it ourselves,we're quite a resourceful bunch.

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2 hours ago, Arminius said:

Hi,the CRL specifies green gloves with either black or green boots,though the green ones are better and more accurate. Usually if someone in our patrol can't get someting we ask each other to buy it for us or we hang out together and make it ourselves,we're quite a resourceful bunch.

Thanks Armin for the clarification, my heart sank a little before because where ever i looked i could not find the things that i needed, its harder to find something that looks similar here in sweden (i guess you guys can just go to your local military surplus store and find almost everything that you need) because our gear differ greatly from yours in america. The only thing that is the same is the belt on the harness, my harness has h shape both in the front and the back and the straps are wider over the shoulders, i would upload a picture but sadly the pictures i take are to big for this site, first when i saw those green shoes my mind went to those boots that you use when its raining outside. I tried to check the ebay and amazon links that you guys have shared in other post but it looks like everything is either backordered or just gone, And when i found something similar it would cost like 2-300 dollars for me to get and sadly im in a rough time now when im unemployed. I know that it takes a long time to make a good costume but sometimes it feels like only the rich guys can enjoy the joining of 501st

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I'm not really sure about the harness of your costume,but I suggest you reach out to other legionnaires from other parts of the world,a friend from Spain has helped me a lot with my TR.

Unfortunately we don't have military surplus stores here in Mexico or anything alike,we just have to be very creative,our TKs neckseals are made of carseat fabric.And I know that feeling well,considering I'm an unemployed college student and I don't have a lot of money.But you must be patient,my TR alone will take me about a year and over 500 dollars and my DT will be at least two years and 1000 dollars,but it will al be worth it at the end.It's not just the rich guys who can join,but the patient ones too.

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i found a link from the site that i bought my harness from, i forgot that it was a german one and i might as well link the overall that i have been eyeing also. I would have to shift the place for the pockets but that is a minor problem. What i have the biggest problem with is to find a good harness and boots as i have been saying, I just have to learn how to be more patient when it comes to this stuff and my curse is that i am very creative so i want to put things in that dont belong :P i had this crazy idea of making a recon trooper but 501 are very strict when it comes to units so you cant just do your own thing. Here is the link for the harness http://www.rodastjarnan.com/stridsutrustning/stridssele-bundeswehr-11357 and here is the link for the overall http://www.rodastjarnan.com/faltuniformer/motoroverall-flygvapnet-40170 and i wish i could use these sweet boots that i have been looking at https://www.tradera.com/item/292205/352985571/gamla-svenska-militar-forsvarets-kangor

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Hey Raven!  I wish I had international providers I could suggest for you.  I know we do have a few Imperial Army troopers in Italy...thats what i know of in Europe.

As far as the build, if your goal is 501st approval u do need to stick to the CRL. Any deviation from that and you risk not being approved and told to correct things (which is a headache).

Keep doing what you’re doing by asking here first.  Best wishes!

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thanks for the help guys, if you have some tips where i could find the items that is needed for the build i would love if you could link them here. The flightsuit may not be a problem if i could find somebody that could help me to alter it to how it should look like. But the rest of the items are a bit of a problem, like the boots (they look like rain boots almost) im not sure i can find that kind of shoes here in scandinavia, and then there is the harness that looks like a battle belt with braces. Im going to look around some more but all help is welcome. Oh and i wonder if a dc-15s would be okey to have as a side arm, i know that the empire used the old guns a while in the begining

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Hello Tom, welcome and thank you for asking great questions.    Lets look at what you have found.  First, have you spoken to your local GML about any of the components you listed? he or she may (or may not) be willing to accept for approval.  The GML should be involved in monitoring , especiallythings like the boots.  


Lets start at the bottom, the boots:   I used to be a GML and I used to do approvals, and I know that the boots you listed have zippers on the outside (visible)  That will not be accepted, you will need boots with the zips on the inside.  I have HUGE feet and big calves, so i cannot wear jackboots, and wear round toe motorcycle boots with the zippers on the inside. If you can wear them ( I WISH  I could!!!)  a lot of preople in my Garrison wear these. I have 28 TIE pilots and multiple other uniforms that wear there, so there are probably 50 pair in use here locally. Jackboots or knobelberchers are fine for Level 1 Trooper approval. 

Ebay Boot Link

For the webbing, make your own.  I use 2" (50mm) Olive green heavy nylon webbing.  I buy webbing in 30 foot rolls because it is so cheap.  I get the hooks online as well, but per the CRL says the snaps may be visible, and the back of the harness may be permanently mounted.  

  • Web Harness
  • Olive green colored, double strap “H” harness which travels from the lower back, and up over the shoulders.
  • The harness system attaches to the belt.
  • Harness is made of 2 inch olive green nylon webbing.
  • Visible snap-hook style fasteners that attach to belt eyelets are acceptable
  • Tri-glides may be present on front or back of the suspenders.
  • Back of suspenders may be permanently fastened to belt, but not required.

You will find that if you make the backside of the webbing more into a V shape than an H it will fit better.  

You can get webbing onilne, its very common, and takes a few minutes to make the harness up with a sewing machine. 

 Olive green webbing

You can get the wbbing locally, its a very common color. Snaps are black    This is the kind of snap you would need, most are made in China so you can get them online, just make sure they are black. 

2" strap snap hook

I like the coveralls you listed and I would go with those, with your GMLs approval.  Move the pockets to the side while you have green thread loaded into the machine for the harness.   Use the sparefabric from the front for the collar extension.  

For the helmet, ask in your Garrison.  Surely someone in the Garison or neighboring Garrisons have one. If nothing else, check into Pepekura--its what we used before we had 3D printing. I had a file for it three hard drives back and made a couple.  


keep us updated wiht your progress!


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Hey david thank you for the headsup its going to be of great help. But when i looked at the picture of the boots in the crl, the green ones they also have the zipper on the outside and it looks like they just sprayed the whole boot with green color including the zipper, i will continue to look around to see if i could find more suited shoes and im about to try to reach out to the local gml now to see what he have to say. I think i at least have found some olive green gloves, a pair of french nato gloves and the only thing that they are missing are the three stripes on top. The worst thing with all of this is that i dont own a sewing machine, my ex had one but she took it with her when she moved out. And i cant with a clean conscience say  that im very good at sewing but maybe i can find a kind soul to help me. When it comes to the helmet i think i have it covered in the future because i have been in contact with a person that owns a 3d printer so if i could just find a good 3d file that 501st would approve then im set..hopefully

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Hi Tom,I think you misunderstood,the zipper has to be not in the inside of the boot but in the inner visible part of it,meaning the part of the boot that is closer to the other boot,Soviet Boots might make those boots,check their website.

Although 3D-printing a helmet sounds cool,let me be the first to tell you not to do so unless you own a high-quality 3D -printer and have a lot of free time.I work with 3D-printing relatively often and the process of sanding,priming and painting is quite time and resource consuming,even for a "simple" helmet like the army trooper.If you still want a 3D-printed helmet then I advise you to check ArmoryShop,I think he does ship to europe.

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OOH! you right Armin i didnt even think about that the zipper was on the wrong side, sorry guys my bad. I will check soviet boots then ^^ and see if they have some in my size. Im a modelbuilder so sanding priming and all that stuff doesnt bother me that much, but if i want to be lazy i can try to hoard money to buy one of intergalactic supply:s helmet

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Im looking at the sovietboot site right now and there might be some boots over there that could work, but i just wanted to check with you guys anyway with some other ones that i have found here in sweden and see if not one of them will do https://www.tradera.com/item/342463/353449959/aldo-boots-strl-42-svart-skinn https://www.tradera.com/item/342463/353580841/tiger-of-sweden-boots-strl-42-svart-skinn

i think the first ones that i linked could work but you guys are more pro then me so i want to hear what you have to say


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niether of those boots will work.  The pics are overly bright, but the first are a Chukka style, and far too small. More of a shoe than a boot.  The second is a Chelsea, which stormtroopers use to make their shoes with, and has a wide elastic U on the side. 

Common, black jackboots are going to be your best bet, just blouse down the pants over them.  I have a blousing tutorial posted.  Heck you can even paint the boots green, when I did mine I used acrylic green paint. 

Clear these with your GML (but at least here ) they are cheap.  No idea what the import duty would be there.  This comes in size 42 (US 9) 

boot Link



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im a bit torn to be honest, on one hand i get it that its worth getting accurate and nice shoes, and on the other hand im thinking about how much the will cost and the little use they will get because you are only going to use them while you are trooping and thats not all the time, specially not here in the north. When you are unemployed and just get so much from the wellfare that you can buy food and stuff you need to survive that kind of many is quite alot, I know im nagging i just wished that i could find a job again so i dont need to worry so much about the small cost that the costume amounts to

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Well,as an unemployed student that gets a 25 dollar allowance monthly I understand your frustration,but like Battlestar Galactica once said: Despite our weariness,we'll follow the road.

I know that sometimes it seems that all this screen-accuracy standards seems unnecessary,but it is a good way to actually put you in the character and for those around you to look at the character rather than some guy in a costume,not to mention the joy you get from watching other people smile,after your first trooping you get a grasp on what I'm trying to say.

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OOh OOh i might finally have some good new guys when it comes to the boots, a 501st member in sweden has offered me to buy his old jackboots for a decent price so we might at least move forward from that item soon, i have heard that most times the boots are the trickiest item to get right and find so if all goes right its going to be o smoother ride from here on..but it will still be some time before i can get it done and join you the proper way

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Hey i have a question for you fine gentlemen, where did you get your helmet from? i have been looking around a little and i have been in contact with intergalactic supply (swell guy) and someone from england and a 3d printer guy here from sweden. But i would like to hear where you got your helmets and how much they cost you?

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