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Engineer - WIP

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I finally got around to this costume again.  I have all the parts, just need to finish a couple things

-Make it less shiny

- Remove tag from boots

-take in sleeves 

- add black snap on collar

-tighten up the belt & suspenders





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Great start!!! Another Engineer to man the pumps and build the fortifications!!


Couple of things I found from wearing mine:

Move the belt way up, Iwear mine right at the coverall split line.  

Move the shoulder straps forward, over the pockets, otherwise they will constantly want to fall off.  There isn't a real load on this rig until you go Sapper and add the MG34 pouches.   

Make sure the shouldestraps connect under/behind the forward pouches. I mounted mine to the bottom for l2, but you dont have to. 

Washing it should get rid of some of the shine. I tend to get dirty-----REAL dirty--- so mine has no shine at all. 

here are where my straps land. Also my straps form a V shape in the back, it helps it sit on the shoulder correctly . I have velcro up there to keep it put when Im not in Sapper wearing the backpack

Looking forward to your approval!!!! 





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