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Gar Saxon - Imperial Super Commando Commander

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Hello all!

I finally have most of the materials for this kit, so I'm creating this thread to get started. I'm still sanding the bucket and I'll be posting pics of it this weekend, but last night I had the time and decided to get started on the simplest part - the blaster.

But first, reference pictures. I think I've gotten most of the relevant angles out of screen captures. I've created an album here.

So, on to the blaster. 5mm sintra, I hid two 12x2mm N42 neodymium magnets just under the surface, so it will stick to the thigh armor. I'll finish sanding details and base coat it tonight.



I'll use a similar system for the armor pieces. I'm sewing reinforcements into the flight suit, and the armor will be held in place with magnets. I was able to get a really good deal in 15x5mm discs, and those are rather strong.

I'll keep updating this thread with more pics as the work progresses!

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love me some sintra. I keep a lot of black 6M on hand and half a sheet of black 3m. Ive stopped even using white Sintra but I see why you would want it for this project.     I went through the photos, looks like a straightforward Sintra build.  What is your plan for the suit? 

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