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Detailed Armor Questions

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4 hours ago, sprktaf said:

What is the diameter of the head of the pop rivets? Is there a specific diameter? How wide can the shoulder covering sleeves be? Is there a requirement for that?

Here is a pic of my belt pop rivet (the armor was painted at a body shop tho so u cant see it as much as when I first installed it).

For the shoulder straps, they dont need to be wide.  Enough to cover the gap between back and chest plate (which shoudnt be huge). It varies based on how large your gap is.

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of all the pop rivets *and this only applies to Arrow brand pop rivets * I have worked with the basic 1/8" pop rivet has a 1/4" head diameter. Steel pop rivets are larger with a 5/16 head diameter and 9/32 shaft.   They are harder to pull being steel. 

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