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Sithtrooper Gloves & Hand-plates CRL Development Discussion

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Next up for agreement

Gloves and Hand-plates

  • Gloves are all black consisting of the following details
    • An elastic wrist cuff that extends underneath the under-suit
    • The back of the glove is black ribbed Nylon-spandex-like Ottoman material that extends around the thumb
    • Black leather or leather like palm, thumb and forefinger
  • Hand Armour are slightly curved, trapezoidal in shape and are mounted securely over the back of the glove
    • Finished in a high-gloss, deep red that matches the colours of the entire costume 
    • A number of recessed lines running parallel to the angle of the front-outer edge of the plate
    • A oval recessed detail is aligned with the index finger of each glove
      • It is matte black inside
      • The face the recessed oval sits in is chamfered outwards slightly from the top to the underneath

OPTIONAL Level two certification (if applicable):

  • Gloves
    • 5 padded & double stitched sections on the palm (See gallery image)
    • A cutout section on the palm near the thumb (See gallery image)
    • Two cutout sections in the leather on the index finger (See gallery image)
  • Hand armour
    • 15 recessed lines, 1mm wide at 4mm intervals, following the angle (45 degrees) from the front-outer edge of the plate
    • The inside edge closest to the thumb is thicker than the outer edge
    • Underside of the hand armour is curved and hugs the glove on the back of the hand

Sith Trooper glove.jpg

zPyKAAT - Imgur.jpgScreen Shot 2020-05-04 at 7.10.56 am.png19AUTH-1898-8x10_lic copy 2.png

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  • 3 weeks later...

Added some more detail to this. Also there are differences between the toy and the real life costume. The toy has had to drop some of the line detail due to scale. Counted 15 recessed lines on the real life model. Also note that the pill box appears to be angled out. So the top edge is a straight line and the bottom of it angles out to form a small triangle giving the appearance of a "box" that houses the pill recess

Screen Shot 2019-08-07 at 6.30.38 am.png

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Yep, 15, saw some hand plates done by a maker "going to molding" for kits that had 12 or 13 recessed lines. ?

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  • 4 months later...
  • 3 months later...

Reviewed...L1/L2 split looks good here.  Identified some gallery shots when the time comes.

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I don't have pics to post up...but when we do CRL model pics, we should probably ask for a shot of that oval recessed detail as an example.

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guys I've had my hands in other piles lately so I'm just really getting to this.

Here are things I noted:

Is this a modified real world glove? do we know the glove it was modified from? 

I know there's differences between US and Commonwealth English, my only concern is this line    " Gloves are all black consisting  "  to my old American brain the word "of" would need to be added to the line to read "Gloves are all black consisting  of:"

I would like to replace all "(as shown) " in the descriptions with "(See gallery image)" since we will have all the photos in the costume gallery. 

Standardize all the measurments to IN(mm) in keeping with the other CRLs. 


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