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3D Printing your own Death Trooper

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I've been considering building a death trooper, and I thought it would be fun to try and 3D print it by myself. Partially because I'm a student and money is more valuable to me than time, and partially because I thought it would be fun.

I've been doing some research. If I do this, I'm going to get the files from TDK props. My university has a makerspace that has very reasonable prices. $1 + Actual costs of filament. I will have to talk to them to see if they're cool with me doing a big project like this, if not there's another makerspace in my area, but all their printers are smaller, so I'd prefer to do it at university.

It looks like the largest bed the uni has is 508mm x 229mm x 229mm. Would that be unreasonable to try to slice and print? Or is that doable.

I'm curious on what type of plastic to use. Since I'll be painting it, I imagine color won't matter, but both makerspaces allow me to use whatever filament I want. Would ABS be the best thing to use? 

Any general advice is welcome. 



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Hi Rob! 

Great to hear you're going to print this costume! 

I'm printing this kit for almost 3 years already and I strongly believe that this kind of production is the best for this and many others kits! 

To print your chest/back plates you'll need at least 40*40*40cm printer value. 

Shins requires at least 42cm height (Z).

Thighs - 35cm (Z).

These are approximates, cuz all depends on your sizing. 


I wouldn't recommend to use ABS, due to high curving rate during cool down. This will affect all thin parts: chest, butt, cod, shoulders. 

PLA preffered as for me. 

HIPS - best one))


Hope this help, mate! 


ArmoryShop Props

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Yes, surely you can glue all sliced parts, just investigate which glue is best on your market!) 

Regarding printer - I can highly recommend Creality CR10 S4 with 0.6 Volcano nozzle. 

Despite of shins - you'll be able to print whole suit! :)



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Hey Rob!

 If you don’t mind doing a bit of extra work any size printer will do just fine.  You’ll just need to slice larger files into smaller parts and then glue them together.

As materials are concerned, ABS will give you you the strongest suit, and will be the easiest to finish.  However, it’s a pain in the ass to print with, and you may have issues with warping and pieces not fitting together properly.  The good compromise is PETG.  It’s strong, has good heat tolerances, and is almost as easy to print with as PLA.  Don’t waste your time with PLA.  It prints well, but won’t hold up to the rigors of trooping, or a few hours in a warm car.  Ask me how I know :D

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id personally recommend Tom Campbells set over TDK

I was under the impression Tom Campbell was TDK props. How do I contact Tom Campbell?

After doing some research it seems like 300mm print areas are a lot easier to come by than 400mm. There seems to be a price jump to just out of my price range at 400mm, so I'll probably get a decent 300mm one and cut it up haha.

Thanks for the help!

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You definitely want Tom’s files.  I would definitely not use PLA.  While it prints well, it’s melting point is too low and I’ve seen lots of PLA prints warped/melted after being left in a hot car or trunk.  It’s also very hard to sand for the same reason.  Use either ABS printed in an enclosed printer or PETG.  

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