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Sithtrooper Shins - Draft CRL Development Discussion

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  • Finished in a high gloss deep red that matches the colors of the entire costume
  • Each shin can be divided into 8 panels alternating between recessed lines and flat, comprising of the following:
    • The front panel of each shin is flat and is the same width as the top panel of the boot armour and is squared at the top
    • The front panel has a recessed channel that starts at the top of the panel closest to the inside, extends outward 1/4 way down then back towards the ankle meeting at the top of the spat forming a scalene triangle
    • The front inside panel overlaps the inside panel
    • The inside panel is slightly curved along the top
    • A Clip Greeblie is present on outside panel near the top of the shin
    • The front 3 panels have straight, angular edges at the top, with the recessed lines following the top edges of the two outer panels to base of the shin
    • The back 3 panels, the middle one has a straight line at the top, with the two outer panels curving slightly to the inside and outside panels
    • The outer panels have vertical seams that separate the recessed lines from the flat section
  • Each shin is roughly the mirror opposite of each other with the following differences on the outer panels
  • Right shin has a rectangular section that is about 2/3 up from the bottom 
  • The right shin has two elongated trapezoidal boxes that are chamfered with one flat section between them evenly spaced in 3rds
  • Left Shin has a rectangular box appearing to have a lid, directly below the clip greeblie
  • The base of the shins is covered by a spat

OPTIONAL Level two certification (if applicable):

  • Clip greeblie is the correct shin greeblie outlined in the document
  • Rectangular box on left shin has the following details
    • Has the appearance of two pieces, base and lid. The lid is a bout 4mm deep with a 1mm recess between lid and base
    • A small oblong shaped recess on the top left base part of the box
  • Front Inside Panel has 48 recessed lines
  • Front Outer Panel has 69 recessed lines
  • Back Inside Panel has 36-38 recessed lines
  • Back outer panel has 50-52 recessed lines

d3oFcz1 - Imgur.jpg

d6WjcYc - Imgur.png

fVTLG0C - Imgur.jpg

HYU25a7 - Imgur.png

4KaWFsH - Imgur.png

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im  a bit at a loss on the clip greeblie.  has it been defined elsewhere in the crl text?  its a luggage/ typewriter box clip, right? 

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6 hours ago, Blackwatch said:

im  a bit at a loss on the clip greeblie.  has it been defined elsewhere in the crl text?  its a luggage/ typewriter box clip, right? 

I don’t know where the original concept came from and not sure it’s relevant to us as it is a made part. It has been referred to as a clip greeblie since the beginning. It was taken from other CRLs and is the general terminology used by the community. I have created a document to outline the different clip greeblies used across this costume 

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