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Imperial Army Vendors. Parts resource list

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Tarrif did the initial leg work on all of this, and I will copy and quote as much of his work as I can and update only where needed.  Credit goes to him for this list. 

The Imperial Army Trooper uses olive green for its components.   
The Imperial Army Engineer and Sapper use black components.


Follow these links to the CRLS for each:

                       Engineer CRL          Sapper CRL          Army Trooper CRL

I suggest painting all of your Imperial Army Trooper (IAT) gear with a green acrylic paint , such as Montana Gold Olive Green or other similar fabric and nylon friendly paint for uniformity. Consult your GML if you are not sure. (ALL of my web gear, gloves, helmet and boots are painted with this paint).  Paint link is listed below. 

You may find better items, you may find cheaper items, this list is to help get you going. Remember to consult the CRL for differences in the three uniforms. 



Intergalactic Supply  and Walts Trooper Factory make the Army Trooper helmet kits. These are different from the ATST helmet driver helmets that Tambo supplies so make sure you are ordering the correct Army style helmet. Ask about what all comes with the kit, it should be a full kit with everything you need. 

Two (2) Imperial disk greeblies without the notch. You can get them from Elvistrooper through his website here.

Two (2) screw cap covers size 8/8 like the ones found here.

The IAT has one (1) telemetry unit from TrooperPX here in our forums. Follow this link.

Several feet of 5mm or 7mm U Channel Rubber Edge seal trim is used around the edges of the helmet. I found mine on ebay.

Chin Cups can be ordered from Walts Trooper Factory, Intergalactic Supply or TK560.

One inch nylon strapping was used to keep the chin cup in place.

Helmet padding is a must. FMA universal padding kits are inexpensive and will keep your helmet in place.

Montana Gold Olive Green spray paint from Dick Blick was used for the helmet and armor. This is the same brand Lucas Film uses on the new costumes.  It can also be found locked in a cage at Michaels stores, and online through Home Depot. The CRL calls for Olive green.  You are free to use what you are able to source locally, with your GMLs approval. 


Engineer goggles: 

The engineer goggles are simple black, round, welding style goggles.  Don't buy the "steampunk" style goggles commonly seen at conventions, they are incorrect. 

Sapper and Army Trooper goggles: 

Goggles can be either these from UVEX or others from ESSwhich are more comfortable and accurate, but cost a bit more.


Black Imperial  Army coverall

(NOTE: this is not a typical Pilot style suit)

The black coverall is not yet made by any of the traditional makers, but its a simple conversion of an existing  coveralls.  See slewhere  in the forum for the conversion tutorial. 

I have always mail ordered coveralls. I use Dickies or Natural Workwear from amazon.   Here is a link to them. 

Green Imperial Army Coverall

This is a somewhat cheaper Galls suit from the LAPoliceGear Site that will save you some money. 

The Elbeco suit looks to be discontinued soon, so grab it while you can. 

here is a simple mechanic coverall. You have to move the patch pockets from the butt to the mid thigh. You have to make the chevron collar as described in the forum. 

**NOTE 1**     do not buy a "flightsuit". this is wrong, and it will take a lot of work to fix this and make it correct for Army use. Don't buy this

NOTE 2: I cut about 1.5" of material off the legs that would be covered by the boots and made the chevron shaped mandarin collar that way. Adding a single snap to the end of the collar near the chevron is most accurate. The Galls coveralls pockets are correct.

**The flight suit is similar to the  USMC Mechanic Utility Coverall (NSN # 8405-01-462-4298) like the one found here.. you WILL NEED to change the pockets to the correct setup.** These suits are getting hard to find, and only in smaller sizes. 

A length of 2" elastic webbing was added to the legs to act as stirrups so the legs wouldn't bunch up around the boot.

A piece of 1/2" elastic was used at the wrists to loop around me thumb so the arms wouldn't bunch up inside the gloves and everything stayed neatly in place.

Imperial Army Patch

The patch is available through the Walt's Trooper Factory website by clicking here or through Endor Finders .


  • Black Gloves (Sapper, Engineer) 

The black glove is a short glove with no long gauntlet cuff.   

I found a cheap pair of gloves here. Remove the strap across the back and they're perfectly accurate for this CRL.  This police search glove features three lines on the back of the hand.

This rappelling glove features a square handback but requires the finger pads to be removed and the logo to be removed or covered. 

  • Green Gloves  (Imperial Army Trooper)
  • The IAT glove is a smooth green glove and may feature a square handback. or three square lines. 

These French Army gloves are olive green to begin with, and smooth leather.  You can paint these with Montana Gold Olive Green paint with no issues to match all your gear. 

 Web Harness

The web harness is in the approximate shape of an H with the strap going horizontally across the shoulder blades. You may make your own so you know it fits your shoulders properly by using either 2" heavy nylon webbing (green or black) from strapworks or Etsy or any other vendor that sells 2" wide (50mm) heavy nylon webbing.  I pained mine with Montana Gold OG so its matches my gear.  An average height/ build person will need about 9 feet (3m) to allow for adjustment etc.

Four (4) metal snap hooks attach the harness to the belt trough the eyelets.  If you order from Strapworks you can have your order filled in the color you need at checkout.   

Triglides for adjustment can be found here  or here  or in stores. 


The belt is a Condor PB 2" GI Style Nylon Pistol Belt like the ones found Here.  Black for Sapper/ engineer and green for Army trooper. 

Belt Pouches

Condor MA47 double handcuff MOLLE PALS belt pouches are available online. Choose OD or black as required.  

IAT troopers may have 1 Condor MA33 OD Green Triple Magazine belt pouch , available on  ebay or other online or sporting goods vendors. 

Additional OD Green or black  belt pouches should be worn around the belt to fill it in. Condor makes inexpensive pouches which can be found online here.  The Imperial Sapper has chest pouches and uses modified gas mask pouches ,  STROBE POUCHES or other pouches required to fill out the belt as required. 

Imperial Sappers have two MP40 pouches mounted to the belt.  These are available from a wide range of sources including Ebay, Amazon and other online retailers who reproduce them for costume work. 


Sapper Backpack

The Sappers backpack was a collaborative effort between this Detachment ,  Matt Nelson who did the design work and CrookKnights Imperial Trooper packs, who created the first pack. Currently two exist, the first that CrookKnight created, and one made entirely from Sintra. 

Boots *

The Commuter II style boot , without decorative stitching or lines is the approved boot for this uniform.  These tend to run a bit big but not bad.  I found mine on Ebay.  Paint them green for the IAT , leave them black for Engineers.  Some motorcycle boots may fit the bill. as long as they are short.  The overall height is 8-9" . 

*UPDATE 6/28*   Thanks to Kessel for giving us this critical intel!     More boots are found here.  Always consult your GML first! 

exact pair winter side zip boots

US Ebay Listing



Black/  Olive Green Hat Option

IAT & Engineer only

I bought several versions of this hat, but the one most widely available is from Cosplaysky and Disney parks on eBay. Check with your local Garrison for a local maker as well.  The Imperial Officer Corps forums has a few people who will custom make an officer's cap in the correct color and size for the individual.



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Topic has been updated with three new boot links to the Denver Hayes Midland boot which in appearance is identical to the Commuter II.

go get em! 

Props to Kessel for giving us this information. 

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topic checked again. There is a link in the boots section taking you to the incredible research Kessel has done, in providing us with acceptable boots that will meet the intent of Level  1 of the CRL.  Always check with your GML, and if in doubt, ask us in the WIP if we will accept them for L2 specialist approval. 

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I have renamed this topic to hopefully make it easier to find for people looking for parts.  I am also going to be discussing runs of parts with a Vendor with a good reputation. 

We have a fairly steady supply of the Imperial Army patches now, and we have a good helmet supplier. Kessel has done stellar work finding us boot options. 

Tonight I have listed an accurate representation of the Telemetry Unit which has been written into the new CRL for the Army Trooper.   This comes from TrooperPX and I want one for my own helmet to upgrade. 


Please check the list above when you go looking for Army parts, and follow the color guides as required. 

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