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REVIEW: Intergalacic Supply Army Trooper helmet.

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Several weeks ago I spoke at lenght with Jason Hill/ Intergalactic supply about his Army Trooper helmet.  He agreed to provide me with a "b" pull so that I may evaluate it for use here.    Because this was for my evaluation, he did not include the full greeblie kit, trim, elastic or goggles, but he did include a wonderfully molded chin cup.

In addition to the Army "b" pull Jason included an "A" pull of the standard Officer/ AT ST trooper helmet with a chin cup.    While greeblies nor elastic were included, this will not affect the review. The Army trooper helmet is usable for both the Imperial Army Trooper IAT and the Sapper. 

First Pass:

On fist pass out of the box, I like what I see.   Both helmets were assembled, well trimmed, well glued and "present" well.   The molds are crisp, and the trimming is outstanding. ( I have always trimmed my own plastic).   The  Imperial Commander/ ATST helmet is one inch wider than the Army helmet, and has the necessary notches for the spine rod.  The Army helmet has a smooth skirt. R8Q3KUi.jpg



The mold that Jason uses for the dome is the same for the Snowtrooper he makes, just as it was in ESB for those screen used costumes.   I compared it to my own snowtrooper and there is a slight variation from my snowie to his commander helmet, as would be expected.  He sent me several photos of the fabrication process of the  parts of the mold, which I have decided not to post so the page will load quicker (esp on mobile), however I always love to see sculpt photos.   

The quality of the plastic is excellent and by having him glue the skirt to the dome, you know that the skirt is one straight.  This is how it comes in "kit" form.  Pre trimmed, pre glued, and chin cup pre trimmed.  Because the plastic is already black you do not necessarily have to paint it for a Sapper, just add the goggles and the plastic screw caps over where the ear cups attach.  The black is also a perfect base color for IAT Green. 

here is a photo of what the parts look like before jason assembles them.  I have done this. You need to be a Manticoran Treecat to hold one of these things. 


photo courtesy Intergalactic Supply


the Army helmet is a B pull. I had to ask Jason if he actually DID send me a B pull, or an A pull by mistake. I have had A pulls sent to me that are nowhere near this good.    If you have seen my helmet builds over the last ten years, you know I have paid for and built some real garbage, and it was the only option at the time.      There is a minor issue on the left side dome of the Army helmet where the plastic got too hot and pockmarked.  This is a common issue and Ive fixed it many times.  Fill it  with primer sander of your choice, and wet sand it with a worn out sanding sponge.  Then re-prime and get ready for the color coat of choice (black, or green).  All in a days work, and frankly, not much of that. 

There were no issues on the Commander helmet.  The skirt of the Army helmet is slightly shorter on the right than on the left, and in speaking to Jason about this he says he will be creating a new mold which addresses this, so you may never see that.   





PahesXC.jpgNL4Sx1l.jpgzzC1hiI.jpgBack to black!  Rustoleum satin black paint.  Sorry for the fog, I went outside just before it rained and the humidity got to my carmera lens.  If you live in the South, you get it.   The Army helmet is now ready to finish. 

My new go-to helmet support is a plastic bump cap. I was given one and put it in my Army Ground Commander helmet and love it.  It fits differently than my previous hard hat suspensions.  

Overall I can recommend these helmets.  Im happy with them, the quality of the plastic, and how they are assembled.  The heat pull issue is not something you will see in your A pulls that he sends you.  

You can contact Intergalactic Supply directly at Facebook. He will sell you a kit, or a fully assembled helmet ready to go,its up to you.   

Contact Intergalactic Supply through FB at facebook.com/IntergalacticSupply/


My sincere thanks to Jason Hill for providing me with these sample helmets for review.   

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