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Del Meeko WIP

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So I have been working off and on on this project for a year now. Mostly because of work or school and other hobbies. But these past couple months I’ve been on the grind to cleaning it up, ordering my soft parts, and getting it ready to paint! All I need is the blaster pouch, my rifle, and the stripes. I will say this I got my hard parts from Headshot and although I’m pleased with it there’s a lot of minor details and one major detail (the belt) that really needs work on before I really recommend them. I’d give the a 6/10 mostly for the big problem of having to order the belt through someone else and there big communication delay about it. The belt is for better words backwards which was really frustrating! I had to order my belt through WTF. Other than that, like I said minor details that shouldn’t be a problem but if they were better quality shouldn’t have been a problem. But here’s my list, I’ll keep updating as I go:

Bucket: Headshot Props that includes lens and decals; also came with the tiny parts as well

Armor: Headshot Props

Belt: WTF

Jumpsuit: Anovos- bought it secondhand from someone who ended up not wanting it

Boots and Gloves: Unsure bought it secondhand new

Code Cylinders: DemonDogStudios- Etsy 

Underbelt: DemonDogStudios- Etsy 

Comm Pad- TARGWORX his stuff lights up and they’re only $60

MP40 pouches- don’t have yet Amazon sells 2 for $40

Tactical Vest: don’t have yet Flyye Law Enf Enforcement Tacticachest rig- eBay $90

Thermal Detonator: Headshot Props

Holster: I’ll probably just make it myself

DLT-19x- will get later 

Chest Box- undecided since I don’t need it


That pretty much sums it up I’ll add photos later!

For the Empire!!!!

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