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MP40 pounches ??

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I don’t have a Shadow kit, but I do have a Sandy that I have to wear MP40 pouches and a pauldron with. To answer your question: Yes, the shoulder pouch does restrict head movement a bit. Turning your head to the left is more difficult, so I usually end up just turning my whole body if need be. The pouches on the belt don’t restrict movement at all. 

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its going to be the same with the sandys they have the same/simlar style pouch.  I have always found anytghing on the side of the helmet restricts movement, but love the look on my Sapper belt!

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On 10/11/2019 at 2:41 PM, TX18760 said:

Im considering  adding a pair of MP40 pouches.

Does anyone have an image of these fully kitted?

Do they restrict movement more?

As the CRL currently stands today, you can ONLY use MP40 pouches on the belt (2 in place of the drop boxes).

With the update (which is pending pictures), one pouch will be allowed on the shoulder...but if using that, there should be no pouches on the belt...it will be an either or.  I just completed my Sandtrooper....and yes one on the shoulder will restrict head movement a bit.

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On 11/4/2019 at 4:47 PM, TX18760 said:

I was only think a replacement drop boxes any way. I already have a pouldren which restricts neck movement as it is ?

Squadmate of mine uses them on the belt...you can see how he has em on his Imperial Dragons thread here:


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