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h straps ?

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On 11/10/2019 at 11:13 AM, mike ford said:

These would not . Basically the H-Straps should be made from 2inch OD Green nylon webbing with triglides and snap hook fasteners .

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Hi Mike Neal is right, these are best made from webbing.  I have a set of these straps, and they are made completely differently than what we see in the art.  

The purchase list gives links to what you need for the webbing and the hooks.  I would get two hooks for the front, two *(or four, up to you) triglides and make loops on the back end to loop over the belt, making adjustments at the front with the triglides and burying the hooks on the backside of the pistol belt so they are hidden (for level 2). 

here's the buy list.  2'' webbing is dirt cheap- get more than you think you need.  


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