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Simple e-11 flashlight attachment?

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I am a soon to be shadow trooper. As a trooper that will be known for being in the dark more than a typical TK, I would like to have an attached flashlight to my blaster.

First I would like to know if there is an available attachment or simple way to attach a light.

Also: is the flashlight on the blaster approval for 501st? What are the conditions for blaster modifications?

I appreciate the help!

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Welcome to the dark world of Shadow troopers.

There are available attachments such as are used on the E-22 (Shore trooper), the E-10 (Mud trooper), or the E-11D (Death trooper).

Weapons are not part of the 501st "approval" process. https://databank.501st.com/databank/Weapons_policy

Where the weapons come into play is "if" you troop with a weapon at a "canon" event it must be IAW the "Option Accessories" section of the CRL

For the Shadow trooper two weapons are identified; the E-11 and DLT-19, for canon events they have to be as close to original as possible.

However, for non-canon events, your GML can approve you to use any weapon you would like. Your best bet would to get with your GML and see what his/her policy is.

Since Shadow troopers have special senors which allow them to see in the dark, I don't think a flashlight would be needed. ;) 

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I would definitely go with what @Chaossaid here. Be sure you can get your blaster approved for canon events first and foremost.

But if you do have a blaster you want to have for non-canon events, the easiest way to attach a light is to use a small picatinny rail. I believe you would need a 3 slot rail. The Shurfire M300 is the light used in the new films, but they can be pretty expensive. On the bright side (no pun intended), you can find knockoffs of the M300 on Amazon and eBay for around $30. By removing a small part of the t-track on your E-11 and installing the rail in it's place, you would have a Rogue One-esque E-11 variant.

The spot the t-track is trimmed and rail placed:

Light installed:

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