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Anyone have experience with Head Shot Props kit?


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The Mudtrooper has been on my list of future costumes for a while now, but I’ve been holding out on the armor/helmet due to cost. Head Shot Props is having a sale, so I was wondering if any one had any experience with their kit. Looking to find out if their current kits hold up well and how easy they are to put together. 

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Thanks for the response, Blackwatch. I tried doing a search, but didn't find any information. They are on the list of sellers on one of the Mudtrooper FaceBook pages, but I realize that is not necessarily for 501st approval, so was hoping someone on here had insight, even if they hadn't done a WIP.

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Two of my fellow local troopers have had nothing but trouble out of them.
One of them ordered an Inferno Kit. It was not delivered  within the time window. She had to badger them until they finally shipped it to her. Upon arrival, it was a mess. There were missing parts, the ABS pulls for the chest and back plate are uneven and the helmet looks at best a b-grade resin cast. I mean, it's a BAD pull. This is the type of pull you would see being sold at discount from any other maker.
My other fellow trooper ordered his Shoretrooper on Black Friday. LAST YEAR'S Black Friday and he has yet to receive his kit after being assured it would have several completion dates throughout the year and he is now outside of the PayPal refund window. I don't think he'll ever see a kit or his money again.

My advice: Stay far away. Get your kit from Plastic Arms Dealer, Jim Tripon or Dan Laws. Actual trustworthy builders with a good rep and a great product.

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