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Looking for boots

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Hi everyone,

I see some earlier references to commuter boots as the go to for this costume, but most of the sources seem to not longer exist (Payless) or there are none in stock. Does anyone have any recommendations where to source the boots from?


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Hello Robyn and welcome! we are glad to have you here with us.  They take a bit of looking but they are definitely out there.  Remember you want smooth, some of the commuters out there have decorative stitching which is wrong.  also some have a STOPID price online.  Don't pay that. I think I paid like 50 shipped for mine and I have two pair one black one green. 

I got mine on Ebay, size 14 E.  The do go smaller abd at leat in my case the size runs half a size large, maybe due to the fleece lining.  .  Currently we are discussing boot length, and changes to the CRL which may lead to the removal of the jackboot as the primarly level 1 boot.  We hope to have those changes made soon. 

this is what I have


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Theres a second decorative stitch line going up the side.   Im seeing that on a lot of boots.  Also check out motorcycle boots with short shaft (or tall and just cut it off).  

If you take a look at th eCRL proposals that are being edited now ( I just finished both types a few minutes ago) Im rewriting for a below the calf boot.  8-9" just like you found here.  Check your thrift stores, yiou may find a cheap pair of moto boots with round toes without the decorative stitch line.   You're close.  Thats for sure. 

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