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Where's a good place to get Death Trooper Armour?

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@tropicoll we are currently updating the vendor's list for the Death Trooper. If you go here, you can see where vendor's have replied to my request for updated information.  

 I have not had a chance to consolidate the information so you will have to read thru each one. Also there are a few vendors that have not added their info yet. You can google for those, The Armory Shop Props @Spiel, for armor and soft parts and UKSWRATH @ukswrath for helmet audio/sound options are just a couple. If you find one not on the list, you can post up a question about them in the Death Trooper sub-forum and we can advise if they are a reputable vendor. 


You should be able to access that sub-forum, if not send @nanotek a PM and see if he can give you access.

You will have to go thru and see what each vendor offers as far as type of product, cost, etc to find what best suits your situation. All the vendors on there produce quality products and there is no one vendor that is better than the other, as each has its pros and cons based upon what suits you the builder. Plus we all have our own opinions and personal preferences.

If you have any questions please post them up in the Imperial Death Trooper sub-forum and any one of our many helpful and knowledgeable Troopers will be happy to assist.

Best of luck with your build!

Death Trooper/Shadowtrooper/FO TIE Pilot (in-progress)/FO Sith Trooper (in-progress)

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