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Help before I buy

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Hello I´m a brand new member and have an ST kit in progress. I hope to get tips where I can find a good helmet salesman and a T-21 heavy blasters. I've been warned about e-bay and Etsy but are there any sellers that are good there? where else am i looking Thankful for all the tips .. I´ve found a blaster on e-bay today but I don´t want to spend 150 dollar and the blaster is no good :) I live in sweden and will join 501 when helmet and blaster is done..

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Hey Mika,

for the helmet you could try IronMotion, a seller from germany, i've just talked to them yesterday and they sell a fully assembled helmet as well as a kit... https://www.ironmotion.de/ 

and for the T-21, if you are a selfmade guy, get the 3D printed parts and make it by yourself, this is the cheapest way but i dont think you will find this anywhere cheaper than this 150$ you were talking about.

I just built a T-21, i've  got the raw parts from a 3D printer, you need to sand them and paint them and then you have some like this:




At the end i had costs all about like 300€ (with the leather sling).

To lower the costs, contact your local garrison and ask them if there is someone who prints these parts...

If you have any questions just ask here and we will help!

AND a blaster is not necessary for your approval, it is only optional...

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welcome and hello.  Yes its great to have a blaster for approval photos, but not required per our Charter, since some Garrisons are not allowed to have any kind of weapon depending on local laws. 

I was going to make a T21 (WWI British Lewis Gun) and found plans online to make my own. it would have been a proper Lewis gun for a Anti-Tripod BEF team costume from the Martians second coming in 1913.   Years ago before 3d printing we made a lot of our weapons out of wood etc.  Its a fair amount of work, but I love to make things. 

Best of luck! 

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