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Swamp Trooper belt sizing

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Hi! I'm starting a Swamp Trooper build, and I'm not having any luck finding the answer to this before I settle on an armor kit. I have some extra weight in the hips area, and was wondering if that could cause problems for the armored section of the belt.

Do I need to find a XL piece if I'm beyond a certain size? If it helps, I'm not as large in other areas, but I suppose trimming down armor is easier as a whole than the other way around. 

Thank you! 

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Hmmm. Im not sure of any vendors selling different sized belt parts but Im sure u can ask.

The first solution that comes to mind is just heating the belt piece a bit (carefully) and forming it to your shape.  See how that goes first.  Some vendors sell pre-formed belts (which you would have to reform) and others it comes a s a flat piece that requires forming regardless.

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The beit is a certain size as far as plastic,then continues as webbing.


On the last part of the CRL description there is the line which describes the actual nylon/cotton web part of the belt, held by a single rivet.  In reality the rivet is there to hold the end of the plastic belt to the webbing, but on all scout belts I have made,the webbing carried all the way around the persons waist, and the plastic boxes part of the belt was "along for the ride" so there is no stress put on the actual plastic joints. When it comes time, talk to your GML, but also check with other Scouts in your area.  The Swampscout is virtually identical text to the Shadow Scout. Biker scouts have different text that says the same thing, it continues on as 2" webbing that closes in the back with velcro. 

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