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My Shadow Trooper kit has arrived!

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My WTF kit arrived today and I am super pumped to get started.  I had them go ahead and build out the helmet so that’s pretty much done.  The chest piece is a little concerning, it seems small.  I know I need to lose weight (5’9” 220).  Let me know your thoughts.  

Also, since I have never done anything like this I am thinking of starting with the forearm and shin pieces.  Is that a good place to start for a newbie?




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The chest looks like it is normal sized from what I can tell in the pic. Your ab piece is going to up higher (cod piece cups the goods) and with the should straps the chest will come down a little as well.

As far as places to start the forearms and shins are both good ones!

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37 minutes ago, Dadofsix said:

Do you think it will be too big a gap for 501st approval?

I don't believe so. I'd get the ab plate and chest plate together on you and we can see.

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Im not a stormie style TX but this looks pretty normal to me.  Keep in mind youre going to have shoulderbells covering your shoulders, so part of what you are seeing is your shoulders as well as your belly region.  You are wearing a T shirt.  When you fit this, -and boy do I know this from building clones-, you want to wear your undersuit when you are final fitting stuff. Jeans fits TOTALLY different than how you will be scrunched up inside your underarmor. 

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2 hours ago, Dadofsix said:

For approval of my kit is it based on accuracy and fit or are there specific measurements for gaps, etc?

Gap wise it'll most likely be whatever looks most uniform. Measurements are largely used for proportions only, unless it is a level 2 detail or something that would really effect the look of the costume. 

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You're definitely going to want to do the butt joint with cover strip method. You can only do overlap if the kit has that cover strip molded into the part which from the looks of this kit isn't there (not a common option).

You'll also take some of the return edge off the ends as well which will give you some more space. Another tip that I'd recommend is to have your undersuit on when sizing the arms and biceps (as well as other parts) to ensure that you have the proper fit. You don't want to have it so tight that with the suit you won't be able to get your arm through. I'd give yourself room in the bicep to move around a little, if you can.

I'll try and see if I have some images of mine as well, but this thread I've linked is very helpful!



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1 hour ago, Dadofsix said:

I started to cut and trim the forearms today.  It’s just some initial cuts until my under suit arrives.  For approval do I need a return edge at the wrist? 


The return edge may exist or not exist for basic approval. For Level 2 (L2), which is recognizable at detachment level only, there may not be any return edge on the part of the forearm closest to the wrists.

Here is the CRL that the GML's will use for review on approvals: https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:TX_shadow_stormtrooper

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