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Del Meeko Armor

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Hey guys I’m trying to get an idea of where to find Inferno Squad armor specifically Del Meeko’s armor. The only luck I’ve had was finding Headshot Props but I’ve heard nothing but bad reviews. I’d prefer finished armor because I suck with decals... I found a place through Etsy called JintaStudios but I haven’t heard anything about them or if their armor would be legion approved. Where’s a good place to pick up this armor?

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I helped with the CRL, but I dont know the armor ins and outs on this one. 

Lets get you some help in here so you can get in on the right foot.  

Check the next topic down from yours, it may help you out. 


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Its always out of stock at nerdiy because Michelle is doing them personalized to you. The email was the right way. I did it the same way. Getting armor is another point. I could advise you to check out Jim Tripon on Facebook, or Radu Plucinsky. You could also ask Hero Tec X. There is an jrs/specops inferno squad group on facebook, you can ask around there too. 

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I follow Radu on FB and he prefers to work on IS and R1 pilots, and I have worn his armor. its quality stuff, so at least thats one maker I can speak to. 

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