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First costume and no idea where to begin

Sean Aviz

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Hi there, I'm Sean and I'm completely new to world of costuming let alone the 501st!

I've done a good few months of reading the whitearmor/pathfinders forums and watching videos on how to get started and talked to my local garrison on who to contact and so here I am!

My first initial choice was a regular scout but I've only recently realized shadow scouts are also a viable option so might as well go big or go home! I did some surveying on possible

vendors and my initial plan is to buy the hard parts from RS Props and the soft parts from Imperial Boots but I would love to know more options if there are any. I'm not too sure on how 

I will spray paint them black and the add gloss over them or would it be easier to just get a black gloss spray paint as I am not too sure on the effect and never had the chance to know.

Anyways super nervous about this but I just want to thank you guys for helping people like me with their armor and I hope I will be able to get approved and start helping others!

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Hello Sean and welcome!  Im glad you posted.  Do us a quick favor and make a post over in the Recruits topic.   

Scouts a great choice either as your first uniform, or fifth. In general they are fairly easy to build, you can move , sit, squat and run into trees all day long.   Since they are only half armored, they are a lot more comfortable to wear vs the other Troopers, other than say Pilots like Del Meeko. 

You will want to read the others' wip topics here to see how they did it but I know makers pull in black plastic. I could have sworn that Studio Creations pulled in black, but their website only lists white now.  Definitely reach out to Jeff at SC. I know a few weeks back I read that they had had some issues, mostly covid related.  I would definitely send Jeff an Email at their website.  Depending on where you are in the world, you may find a maker closer-and with shipping charges that would be considerably less.  

Dig into the other topics here, and youll see where others got their kits and soft parts.  I know Stephs Imperial Outfitters on FB makes scout parts in runs.  Furiosa has posted several very helpful tutorials here in the Scout section.   

And-dont be nervous.  Ive seen dozens of people get their kit, get all nervous, jam it back in the box and it literally sits in the closet for four years.  I assembled one of those very kits just last year.  Four years it sat untouched because the guy was afraid to even begin.  Please dont be that guy. You learn by doing.  I never touched a costume in my life before I joined the Legion and ive built over 100 costumes . 

Good luck! 

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I'm very sorry btw, I'm new to forum navigating. I figured since I have a costume I'm set on making that here would be the best place to start an armor build thread.

Also I'm not familiar with SC or what it stands for but I'll see if I can google it and figure it out myself! I'll try my best to post in the recruits topic from now on and thank you very much for informing me.

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Hi Sean & welcome to the forums.

I see you're from Malaysia, so I'm not too sure if there are any armour makers in your neck of the woods.

There was gome great work done on the shadow trooper vendor list - 


I'm not sure if a similar list is due to be done on the shadow scout.

Here's the best area to find info on the shadow scout. https://forum.specops501st.com/forum/161-shadow-scout/

I got my shadow scout from Chef Creations in the UK as I'm based in Ireland. There are a few more european based vendors, and several others based in the US.

Manybe someone else can chip in if they are aware of a maker closer to you.

I hope this is of some help.

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hi again Sean, I forget not everyone knows the acronyms of the Makers. SC is Studio Creations. I know they had black, but they may be pulling only in whilte now. If you are in Malaysia there are some makers that are closer to you. The vendor list should give you all the info on that.  Good luck! 

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