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Del Meeko paint colors and strip sizes

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We are working on a Del Meeko for our son. He would like to wear it for Halloween and join the galactic academy. The flight suit is on backorder (has been since March) (unless we want to pay $300) so for now my wife is going to get a plain flight suit and alter it. (since he is under 18 it does not have to be exact for the galactic academy.)  but I cannot find anywhere the tells us how wide the stripes on the side of the suite need to be. The specs just says two red stripes on one side and two black stripes on the other. Can anyone tell me the width of each stripe? We also need to add the silver and red to his helmet but I can't find the paint color name for either color. I know on my TK the blue was a specific color. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!!

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Hi Kevin wow we totally missed this one.  The new CRL is posted, but in general the strips on the arms and over the top of the shoulder are 1" which more or less match the color of the decals and patches.  On the silver part of the helmet, like the hose mounts, thats a generic silver, or bright aluminum color. 


I know its too late for an October event but I hope this helps some. 


Costuming:TX Inferno Squad-Del Meeko - Databank (501st.com) 

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