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Imperial Super Commando - Gar Saxon (Force Arena) CRL Discussion

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This will be the main listing and we'll tackle each part piece by piece (green is done, yellow is WIP, and red is not finalized):

  • Helmet
  • Flight Suit
  • Chest Armor
  • Back Armor
  • Jet Pack
  • Abdomen Armor
  • Gauntlets
  • Hand Armor
  • Ammo Belt
  • Codpiece
  • Thigh Armor
  • Knee Armor
  • Boots
  • [Unnamed] Rifle
  • [Unnamed] Pistol


Description: Imperial Super Commando - Gar Saxon
Prefix: TX
Detachment: Spec Ops Detachment
Context: Star Wars Force Arena 

Mandalorian warriors loyal to the Empire, Imperial Super Commandos were deadly and efficient enforcers. Led by Gar Saxon, the Imperial Super Commandos’ armor was a distinctive and streamlined white, and their masterful combat abilities were eclipsed only by their ruthlessness. Under orders of the Empire, they destroyed the Protectors of Concord Dawn with no mercy, and sought to do the same to their missing leader Fenn Rau and any rebel opposition. [this is from the LFL Star Wars Databank, we'll have to change this]

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Alright! I will kick this off with the flight suit while I still try to source the helmet. There aren't many good images for the helmet from the Force Arena game itself. We'll make the face character part be optional and the helmet will be required.

Flight Suit

  • Must be a cotton or cotton blend, one or two-piece garment, and must be properly fitted and shaped to the wearer.
  • Must not have any visible pockets, pouches or zippers.
  • The upper body part of the flight suit is a maroon-colored. The neck area of the flight suit goes halfway up the neck of the wearer to conceal skin when the helmet is worn.
  • On each shoulder of the flight suit there is a white Imperial Cog emblem on a black background.
    • The cog is 3” or 3.5” diameter and 1” from the shoulder seam.
    • The cog may be embroidered or vinyl.
  • The lower body part of the flight suit is colored to match the white of the armor pieces.
  • The lower body part of the flight suit has the following seams:
    • On the outside of each leg there is a double-lapped seam which runs the entire length of the suit showing from the top of the shins up under the belt.
    • On the front just above the top of the knee armor which wraps around to the back of the flight suit and appears on the back.
    • On the back from the knee seam there is a seam that runs up the back of each thigh and then curves to the outside of the back under the belt. There is a horizontal seam that runs across the butt connecting both of these seams running up the back of each thigh.
    • On the back there is central double-lapped seam which runs from under the belt to the crotch of the wearer.

OPTIONAL Level Two certification (if applicable):

  • The flight suit is not weathered.
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  • 2 years later...

Hello there

Me and another person local are very interested in building costume for our next 501st builds.

I would love to have this done before the year is out. I was advised to post in here so someone would contact me about my desire to build it

thanks so much.

Also, i design armour, so any files that arent already out there are things i can design as needed.

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