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1 hour ago, Fives said:

Where was the best place for me to pick up the poncho the tunein or jacket in the pants and  What is the best way to weather the tunein the poncho and pants

I got my tunic/pants from Jim Tripon.

If you're interested, I made available all the sources and vendors from where I got my parts from in this build thread: 

There are different methods to dye the plash, but in this build thread, I chronicled how I dyed my plash, how I weathered my soft goods.


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For a one stop shop at the right price I would certainly recommend Jim Tripon (Jimmiroquai) for the soft parts. Great quality and made to measure.

For the Plash Palatka take a look around eBay and Etsy. Try and secure one with leather grommets if you can. Ask the seller if unsure.

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Oh, and for weathering I recommend the use of acrylic paints. Various shares of greys. Check out my build thread for extensive detail on my weathering process.

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