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2021 Dt WIP

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Hello all, so my Armour is about to arrive.

But today I started on my E11D, a bit of work to do on this first, the flashlight I know is the M300. But my question is.

The helmet I have is been made for me, but I want to addon the targeter or range finder. The only 3d file I can find does not allow me to add

the green led I want for it. Is there a link to a file I can print?

I also have now ordered my boots from IBs. And also new gloves as I have some but been used for my ST.

Once I get into this a bit more will post up pics.

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If you have a 3d file, use a 3d editing program to add a cavity for the battery and LED. If you can't do that, then you might have to just buy the Plastic Arms Dealers. At least with PAD's you're guaranteed that I'll fit, and it's resin so there won't be much work to do to it.

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Yeah the price is a bit much for such a small item. I may leave it for now, as the boots and gloves cost me a bit with postage to Australia.

I have also had to get chest buckles and side buckles. Also the kit is second hand and the person glused the shins together. So I have some debonder coming, So hope that works. 

All triming is done, well fixed up atleast. Parts painted for the rockets. And back parts. 

Question, as this is an 850 kit, is it best to spray paint the armour? In some parts it will need paint to cover the massive scratches. So am I better off spray painting it all?

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On 1/19/2021 at 3:37 AM, Jayse01 said:

Question, as this is an 850 kit, is it best to spray paint the armour? In some parts it will need paint to cover the massive scratches. So am I better off spray painting it all?

I didn't do an 850 kit, I 3d printed mine from Tom Campbell's files.  However, someone on Facebook posted a similar question about whether people painted their 850 kit, and if I remember right, almost everyone completely painted the 850 kit.  Plus, if you are having to paint it anyway to cover scratches and fixed areas, it's probably better to get a uniform look, so painting everything is the way to go.

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I think I will just paint the whole kit, then gloss spray it all.

I just got my IB boots so thats 1 more thing to tick off. So nice to wear aswell.

Undersuit is all ready now, also have some lycra shorts and short sleeve coming. Helmet should be ready soon. Just waiting on my shins, as the ones I had the person who

had the kit glued the backs, my attempts to part them failed.  So new ones soon. then Im ready to suit up, so pics will be coming soon.

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Just a bit of progress.

Have been working on the belt, so that is all together. However have had to re print the SE 14R, as the first one was wrong. And as it was did not sit on the belt correctly.

Helmet has been an issue, ordered in December it has not moved. Till today it has now arrived in Australia, so small victory. Parts I need also just arrived in Australia. So build will be moving soon. Have 1 month to have ready and approved for April. Lucky for me I am done with chest, ab, belt, thighs, fore arms. Boots ready, under suit ready.  Just the shins, shoulder straps, side straps, to do.












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  • 5 weeks later...

Sorry about the break. Helmet came, marks all over it, hovis are yellow not green. After a full on complaint. Im waiting for a new helmet to arrive. Once that comes it 

is suit up time.

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