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Ople lense question

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So I got the lenses in yesterday. However I have a couple of questions about them.

First question is how do you mount the mesh? It seems there's some excessive flashing and it severely limits the gluing surface. Mounting them I'm thinking of 10# industrial velcro.

Second if I trim the lenses where should I trim them to?


Thanks in advance.

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So here's how I did mine.  Might help.

I covered the outside of the lens in painter's tape, held the lens in the helmet opening and then traced the eye cutout onto the tape with a Sharpie.  Once I had the outline of opening on the lens, I drew a line about a quarter inch--maybe a little more--outside that line.  I then cut a little outside that line and sanded with my Dremel up to the outer line.  That gave me two lenses that were about a quarter inch bigger than the helmet eye opening.

As for the mesh, I picked one lens and traced it onto the mesh.  I cut it out and then used that as a template for the other mesh (I wanted the holes to be at the same angle so I lined up the hole pattern and then traced around the outside).

I mounted them with some Velcro but I'm not sure I like how well they're mounted.  I may just glue them in place or something.


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Yes this helps a lot @Dark Helmet. Did you just E-6000 the mesh to the lenses? I'm thinking of velcro as well, some 20# industrial. I'm also thinking of using the velcro for the face plate so as to avoid the screws.

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On 2/14/2021 at 7:04 PM, Blackwatch said:

what it is like to look through those?  man the bubbles PLUS the hole mesh..that has to hurt! I had bubbles in my ATAT rig and tore them out. 

Just mocking it up and looking through them it's awkward.

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