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TFU Shadow Stormtrooper Rebuild!

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So here it is, starting to rebuild my TFU Shadow Stormtrooper. Even though this guy has been approved, I'm starting fresh on this trooper. Even though I have some CRL pics ready to go, I'm completely starting over. New build thread, new lighting system, new armor, new paint, everything.

First off, gonna get a new AM kit and make the necessary clear parts myself. Going to look at getting new LEDs all the way around. Finally the all important battery. On my original build, I used small 12v batteries for each part. Now I've decided I'm going to have a central battery for the whole thing. There weren't very many options available back when I started my original build in 2012(?), but thankfully battery technology has changed drastically since them.  Probably going to end up with a unique undersuit with the wires running through it as well.

One of the few components that will be salvaged are my boots. Despite using a "flexible" paint, it wasn't. There were a lot of cracks, and it looked ugly. So stripped them and have some leather paint on the way that hopefully will work a bit better.



So here we go! TFU Shadow V2! :P

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Alright so tried out Angelus leather paint on the boots and so far it's great! We'll see how it holds up when I start wearing the boots. But I feel much better about this stuff then what I originally used. It's also nice to see the boots relax and get back to shape, that old paint really did some damage to them.

So here's the paint/flexibility test! Painted a few small patches just to see how I liked the color (had to make my own gray).


Was pleased with the results and just got done painting them!




So I still have to get some red paint for the stripes, but I'm pleased with how the boots look so far! Much better than how they looked a week ago...

Also got some AM armor on the way! Time to buy some paint...:P

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Yep, and that was just the first coat (and using a brush...) Overall, didn't need very much at all. The small 1oz bottle would have been plenty. Very, very pleased with this Angelus paint, definitely going to be the go to if I need a custom color.  Here's a quick picture in case anyone wants to try out for something.


I forgot to order the red paint for the stripes, but that's on its way now. Also decided to tear apart the helmet to repaint it, unfortunately it didn't quite make it. So I guess I need a new helmet now... Eh whatever, not too bummed about it. Just another reason for a true fresh start. :duim:

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And boots are done. :teehee: Probably could have gone a little lighter on the gray, and a tad darker on the red, but it's close enough for me. It's one of those, looks a little different IRL vs. in pictures.


Have to do some work on my truck tomorrow. But I've got a helmet to build on Saturday, and I'll get my electronics buy list together and will probably start purchasing everything for the lights.

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I was going to ask if you were going to use the Angelus. I used their Olive on my Army trooper boots, and I was happy with it.  Its definitely more flexible than regular acrylic paint. 

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Yep been loving that Angelus, going to redo my Jumptrooper boots after we get the CRL together.

Anyway, got the helmet together over the weekend. Made up some masks for the tube stripes. And proceeded to cut out the tube stripes. Still have to do the other side. After the helmet is painted, I will place some fogged clear plastic behind it to diffuse the light and give it the proper glow.




^Even after 8 years messing with this trooper, this never gets old. :teehee:

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Not much today, just got the other side cut out.


Gotta do some light sanding/scuffing and I'll probably start priming the helmet tomorrow. Haven't decided on the silver, I used Rustoleum Metallic Aluminum on the original build. Might try Rub N Buff this time around. :duim:

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i like the rustomeum metallic but i think humidity affects it, ive had it frost. On th eother hand ive seen rub n buff come out like glass *just not for me*. 

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Yeah, I decided to stick with Rustoleum. Like I said, it's what I originally used- I'm also trying a few more tricks that help enhance that shiny aluminum look on this trooper. Namely throwing some gloss black then the aluminum paint. Here's a test part I did a while ago compared to my existing kidney plate. The black seemed to give it a little more depth and a better gloss. And after looking through the reference pics, the new paint job matches pretty closely.


Anyway, did a little more cleaning up on the helmet and started spraying primer! Going to sand it with 400 up to 800 grit tomorrow and then hit it with the gloss black. After that the metallic aluminum paint will go on!



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I like that shine! I second using that black as the base from the primer, never has failed me! Same with a lighter color primer or base under a bright color you wanna pop :D my ROTJ royal guard helmet is lookin' good cause of that.

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Got the helmet painted yesterday. First I had to make it like the false Shadow Stormtroopers roaming around by painting it with gloss black.



Then painted on the aluminum paint, to turn it into the true Shadow Stormtrooper. :P


Also the armor showed up yesterday, excited for the fresh start on this trooper. :teehee:


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you miogh remember those super shiny helmet paint jobs I was putting on RUbies tie helmets years ago.  it took all day and most of a full can of paint after polishing out the primer, then two weeks to dry right.  This is much simpler way of getting that shine. 


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So here's the helmet after a few days of letting it rest, the color has gotten much richer. Still didn't quite as glossy as my test piece, but I'm still pleased with the result. :teehee:


Also trimmed up the torso armor and finally got a chance to prime it just now.


So we're moving right along! Going to sand down the primer and paint the armor tomorrow. This weekend I plan to tackle the biceps and thighs this weekend and get those ready for paint.


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So here's a big update, basically a lot of trimming and painting!

And here's a bunch of pictures of me trimming out the smaller pieces this morning, getting them ready for the primer/paint above.




Belts before and belts after. Trimmed the thigh ammo belt and squared off the ends. Still have to trim just a little more off one side (the belt in game is slightly longer on one side). For the main belt face, I matched the cuts seen in the model, but the belt ends are supposed to be longer on all TFU troopers. I had one good pull on my Jumptrooper belt, but it needs a lot more work to get consistent results. In the mean time, the included belt with the AM kit will work (getting the CRL finished is the main task right now, the perfect belt will come later).






And paint!








Plan is to work on the biceps and thighs this week (yeah I changed my plan this morning :P). I've also got a few ideas on how to tackle the TD, it's a little different and might do something new with it.

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Minor update from yesterday/today. Ab buttons appeared (all 100 of them...) and promptly painted them just now.



Also modeled up a new TD. This will be printed in a clear plastic and I'll use the existing parts supplied with my kit to finish it off. Also note the large box that is used to attach the TD to the belt (this is present on the model). Haven't figured out how I'm going to attach it yet, but the shape is there.


Game model for reference.


Newly modeled TD.


The actual printed pieces (tube and box).




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  • 1 year later...

So been awhile, but I'm back! Been working on this trooper this past week... So here's a few pics!

Got some supplies...


Printed the TD awhile ago, but painted the parts over the weekend. 






^ Never gets old ^ :teehee:

Belt, now assembled. Currently gluing the straps for the drop boxes. Tomorrow I should get the drop boxes glued on.


Kidney plate rivets attached!


Edge Trim!


Biceps being glued together. Now they just need to be scuffed, primed and painted!


And here's the armor after painting the edge trim. The paint I used dried up a bit lighter than the paint for the armor, so I will end up repainting the edge trim. Attached the ab rivets and painted the edge trim to match the armor.

Also something you'll notice is I buffed all the silver parts of the armor. This helped bring out some gloss and helps give the armor the look from the game.




So yeah finally got some good progress on this build. All of the torso armor is finished. Boots are done. Biceps are assembled and ready for paint. I trimmed the thighs this afternoon, hope to get those glued together tomorrow. Should finish up the belt tomorrow too. TD needs to be wired and assembled. After all that I plan to work on the helmet. And then I have to figure out the clear parts...

Right now I'm getting everything ready for their individual CRL pics, after those are taken then I'll do the final assembly/strapping/wiring/lighting to finish the build. :thumbsup:

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Yeah don’t worry @RAIDER! Meant to post an update on my Jumptrooper thread last night…

Been working on the couple fixes this past week. One more fix and the Jumptrooper should be good to go. Plan is to get the last CRL pics taken by the end of the month (got some shows coming up).

Just wanted to spend a little time on this build, just to get something done on it. The parts have been laying around getting dusty… :teehee: 

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